What’s the Difference Between the Babybjorn One and One Air?

Babybjörn is a Swedish brand best known for its top-quality carriers. These rival the Ergobaby baby carriers because of the fabrics, materials and beneficial features.

Some of these carriers are the Babybjörn One and One Air. The One Air is an update to the former. What’s the Difference Between the Babybjörn One and One Air?

If you intend to buy either of these you would want to know what differs and are the updates on One Air are worth more to you and your baby?

I will point out some of the pros and cons but I will go into more in detail about what differs between the carriers.

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About the Babybjörn One.

The Carrier One is one of Baby Bjorns famous carriers. It’s suitable from birth up to around 3 years. Made with cotton blend fabrics to make baby and toddler comfortable.

Has 4 positions to suit and accommodate many families. No need for newborn inserts as the straps and body size are adjustable.

The Carrier suits any carrier as well. Size XS up to XXL. Head support and also has the M position to further protect your baby and keep them safe.

Eco-friendly materials and when dirty you can wash them in the washing machine. Stylish, durable and eye-catching.

About the Babybjörn One Air.

Just like the previous model the One Air is also suitable from birth up to 15kg which is around 3 years. The adjusted seating positions are the newborn, face in, out and back carrying.

Padded straps and waistband to keep comfy and these are suitable for many sizes. Hip and spine friendly just like the previous model.

What’s the Difference Between the Babybjörn One and One Air?

One Normal Cotton vs One Air 3D Mesh Fabric.

This is the more major update that’s done with this carrier. The One Air has a more breathable mesh fabric. A 3D mesh fabric that’s made for warmer weather.

This makes it more suitable for the spring and summer. Both have breathable mesh fabrics but the One Air has more which can be good for those families who live in certain areas.

It can also be good for babies who can’t handle the heat and have problems breathing.

One and One Air, Straps, Seat and Head Support.

Some smaller changes which can benefit many are these three above. You have more padded straps which can be more comfortable than wearing the carrier depending on the weather.

You also have wider seat for comfort for your baby. This those not mean the age limit changes because both are up to 15kg according to the manufacturers.

It just means your baby can seat more comfortable than before. The head support is also higher for those babies who are a bit taller.

This also means the head support will be suitable for older babies. That’s good because not all babies are independent at a fixed age.

Some by 5 months are strong enough to support their head and neck and others not.

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One and One Air Colours and Price.

The colours differ as well. The major colours are the same but they differ in some. Both have black, dark and light grey, and two shades of blue colours as well.

The standard beige colour is the same as well. Babybjörn One Air has a black leopard colour and pink colour which I did not see the One has.

Babybjörn One has a beige leopard colour instead.  The light blue differs in their shade and they also have greige colour which is a mix of grey and beige.

Because the One Air is updated it’s more expensive. It costs £148 up to £175 depending on where you buy it and the colours. Although the first price is the standard one.

The Babybjörn One costs about £128 up to £136 and also just like the other one depending on the colour you want and where you buy it.

The Leopard colours cost more for example.


  • These are expensive carriers.
  • Weighs around 1kg and a very padded making them not that compact and a bit heavy.
  • According to some reviews, it’s a bit difficult with the back carrying.
  • The same reviews also stated the carrier is a bit fiddly.

Which One is Better?

This answer does depend on your lifestyle. If you live in a warmer climate then maybe the One Air 3D Mesh is better if not then they are the same.

Depending on your size maybe the One Air can be better because of the more padded straps. If your baby is also taller then the higher head support will benefit them.

These are the only features which might make someone choose the Babybjörn One Air. There are differences in colours as well, but they are almost the same.

If you think the above changes are worth the extra £20 to £40 then go ahead and buy the One Air because it’s better for making you and your baby more comfortable.

Aside from that, both are very good and you will almost experience the same using them.

What are your thoughts on these? Have you used a Babybjörn carrier before?

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