What’s the Difference Between the Ergobaby Adapt and Omni 360?

Ergobaby has been providing families with baby carriers for years. Some of their most famous carriers are the Ergobaby Adapt and Omni 360.

In this article, I will be comparing the Ergobaby Adapt and Omni 360 which are very good carriers. Adapt is usually compared to the 360, but I wanted to see how well it will perform with an updated version of 360.

I will be detailing the similarities and differences. Come to the conclusion on which of these is better. Note that this comparison is the classic Ergobaby Adapt not the newly updated version.

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About the Ergobaby Adapt.

Ergobaby Adapt is suitable from birth up to 20.4kg which is around 4 years. It has three seating positions to make things easier.

Ventilated mesh to keep the airflow and lumbar support for your back. You also have a UPF50+ hood for protection from weather and when you are breastfeeding.

A waistbelt that’s ventilated to make it easy for the parent. You won’t sweat that much if not at all. Air will be going in and out. M-position for your baby which protects their hips and spine.

Crossable straps that are also adjustable to make it easy for the carrier. Comes in multiple colours and you can wash the carrier in the washing machine.

The three positions Ergobaby Adapt has is inward front carrying, hip carrying or side carrying and lastly back carrying.

Available in Cool Air Mesh and cotton.

About the Ergobaby Omni 360.

Suitable from 3.4kg which is week 1 up to 20kg around 4 years. Comes with 4 positions which are front carrying both inward and outward. You have side carrying and back carrying positions.

It comes with cool air mesh fabrics in the middle to make your little one comfortable, and it’s also available in cotton. Waistbelt for ease and well-padded and adjustable straps.

Ergonomic M-position to make baby safe and comfortable. UPF50+ hood and you can breastfeed in it. Comes in multiple colours and is machine washable as well.

Similarities Between the Ergobaby Adapt and Omni 360.

Adapt and Omni 360 Age Range.

Both are suitable from birth up to 4 years. Some kg in different but the age range is the same. This makes both carriers very valuable for many.

Because both are a bit pricey this age range makes them worthy to buy.

Adapt and Omni 360 Design and Style Similarities.

Both have the Cool Air Mesh panel where your baby seats. This means they are both ventilated and air can come in and out during hot days.

Well-padded straps that are adjustable and you are able to adjust the carriers to suit your baby’s weight and height. Both have the front, back and hip positions.

The lumbar support on your waist to support your back and a hood for protection from the weather. This hood as mentioned above can be used when you are breastfeeding as well. Have a little bit of privacy.

Both are approved by experts to provide the best hip and spine protection. With the ergonomic M positions, this is possible.

When dirty the Ergobaby Adapt and Omni 360 can be washed in the machine. With some carriers, this option is not available. This makes it a great bonus.

Adapt and Omni 360 Dimensions.

The dimensions are also the same which is normal considering both are suitable from birth up to around 20kg. Both weigh 1kg which is not heavy, but there are lighter carriers.

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Differences Between the Ergobaby Adapt and Omni 360.

Adapt and Omni 360 Price and Colours.

The price for the Adapt ranges from £119.60 while the former is from £164. There’s a huge difference here for many. Although both are considerably expensive, the Adapt is more affordable for many.

They do have the same amount of colours. The Onyx Black, Midnight Blue, Pearl Grey are some of the colours they share, but colours like Khaki Green, Chambray, Black Tweed, etc is only given by the Omni 360.

For the Adapt you have colours like Raven, Plum, Trunks Up, etc which the Omni 360 does not offer. See all the colours by visiting the links.

Omni 360 has more premium and new colours which seem to look more desirable.

Adapt and Omni 360 Design and Style Differences.

Ergobaby Adapt has mesh both on the carrier and on the waistbelt, this makes it more comfortable for the parent as well. As mentioned above you won’t sweat that much in this area.

Other than that it has more similarities with the former. Ergobaby Omni 360 however has 4 positions instead of four. It also offers outward front carrying.

This option can be used from 5 months up to 4 years. Most parents won’t buy a carrier if it does not include this position.

You want your baby close where you can see them, but also allow them to view the rest of the world. This is when they start to explore the outside world and be more alert about their surroundings.

Adapt and Omni 360 Accessories.

The Ergobaby Omni 350 comes with a separate pouch that matches the colour of the carrier. It’s small enough to fit anywhere but big enough to carry small items.

Your phone, keys, baby bottles, etc. While the Ergobaby Adapt does not offer this accessory. So the Omni 360 is already a better carrier for some.

Which One is Better?

It’s hard to decide, and this answer can vary from person to person. If we look at the features and market the Omni 360 does seem to be the winner.

It has 4 positions, a pouch and it’s a newer design. The old Adapt has a cheaper price and ventilation on the waistbelt as well. So for those who don’t mind having only 3 positions on a carrier then the Adapt can be excellent for you.

It’s high quality and has almost the same features as the former.  As you can see this answer differs from person to person, so it’s up to you to see which is more suitable for your way of living.


These are some of the top carriers in the market so there are not that many cons. The expensive prices are the biggest cons. These also have mostly one pattern colours which some don’t prefer.

Baby Tula Free To Grow Carrier is an example of a multi-coloured carrier many prefer. Some parents say it’s a bit hard to adjust the straps when the baby is on board or that it can take a bit of time until you are used to wearing the carrier correctly.

Of, course it does need a bit of practice. The Ergobaby Adapt not having a pouch can make some parents not want it.


They are very good quality carriers and whichever you choose you will have a nice experience from birth up to toddlerhood. Both have the right features to make things easier for you and your baby.

The one you prefer will depend on your budget and certain needs. If you are always going to use the carrier then maybe the Omni 360 is a good investment.

For less usage, the Adapt will be great.

How will it be? I would love to know which you think will suit you the best.

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  1. HI Fatoumata,

    Thanks for your detailed review of the 2 baby carriers, Ergobaby Adapt and Omni 360. It is good to know that Omni has 4 positions, including front carrying facing outward. Because I notice that babies really like watching the world when on the move, especially when they are not tired.

    Thanks again,

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