What’s the Difference Between the Ergobaby Omni 360 and Baby Bjorn Carrier One?

Some of the best brands when it comes to baby carriers, if not the best. They are well known among many. These were the first I heard concerning baby carriers.

The difference between the Ergobaby Omni 360 and Baby Bjorn Carrier One will be discussed in this article. I will also go over the similarities as well.

Both a quality, stylish, durable and comfortable so it won’t be easy to choose one, but I hope with this article it will make your choice a bit easier.

So, which one is better? Well, let’s find out.

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About the Ergobaby Omni 360.

Suitable from 3.4kg which is week 1 up to 20kg around 4 years. Comes with 4 positions which are front carrying both inward and outward. You have side carrying and back carrying positions.

It comes with cool air mesh fabrics in the middle to make your little one comfortable, and it’s also available in cotton. Waistbelt for ease and well-padded and adjustable straps.

Ergonomic M-position to make baby safe and comfortable. UPF50+ hood and you can breastfeed in it. Comes in multiple colours and is machine washable as well.

About the Baby Bjorn Carrier One.

The Carrier One is one of Baby Bjorns famous carriers. It’s suitable from birth up to around 3 years. Made with cotton blend fabrics to make baby and toddler comfortable.

Has 4 positions to suit and accommodate many families. No need for newborn inserts as the straps and body size is adjustable.

The Carrier suits any carrier as well. Size XS up to XXL. Head support and it also has the M position to further protect your baby and keep them safe.

Eco-friendly materials and when dirty you can wash it in the washing machine. Stylish, durable and eye-catching.

Similarities Between the Ergobaby Omni 360 and Baby Bjorn Carrier One.

Omni 360 and Carrier One Age Range.

Both carriers are suitable from birth up to toddlerhood. Both are usable from birth without baby inserts so it means you don’t have to spend more money.

You don’t also have to go through the problem of inserting it.

Omni 360 and Carrier One Design.

Because these carriers are high quality they have a lot of things in common. Both have padded and soft straps which are adjustable as well.

Adjust the body straps for it to suit your baby and the shoulder straps should be adjusted to suit the carrier. Making it comfortable for all.

These are also crossable to help your carry your baby no matter the weight.

The body is also thick and has ventilated mesh for the Ergobaby is the Cool Air Mesh. Both carriers provide M shape positions and padded leg pads.

This is to protect the baby from a lack of spine and hip development. Experts have confirmed and recommended both carriers to parents.

The Omni 360 and Carrier One have waistbelts with lumbar to help lift off that weight from your back.

A UPF50+ hood is attached to both so your baby can be protected from the sun or other weather conditions. You can breastfeed on both depending on you.

Both are also washable in the washing machine. The designs offer multiple colours. They both weigh 1kg which is lightweight and can be easily stored in some tiny places.

Both have 4 positions. The front inward and outward-facing, hip carrying and back carrying. These are the only known positions for carriers that will make your journeys easier.

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Differences Between the Ergobaby Omni 360 and Baby Bjorn Carrier One.

Differences with the Omni 360 and Carrier One Age Range.

Omni 360 is suitable for up to 20.4kg which is the exact weight. That’s up to 4 years and the latter is up to 15kg. That’s around 3 years.

So there’s are an age between, which means your toddler can use the Ergobaby Omni 360 longer. This makes it more pleasing to some, especially those who always want to use the carrier and who will want to use it for years.

The weight and age will depend entirely on your toddler because toddlers grow differently.

Differences with the Omni 360 and Carrier One Design.

First, the materials are different. Ergobaby Omni 360 is made of cool air mesh and the former cotton blend. Both are good and comfortable.

Baby Bjorn Carrier One carrier has bigger buckle straps than the Omni 360. The Ergobaby carrier offers a pouch that is similar to the carrier.

The Carrier One does not offer this either and neither a pocket. So, you don’t have a place to store your things. The colours differ as well. Omni 360 offers more colours.

Some the colours are similar and others not. Black, grey and beige/cream are the common colours both share.

For the Carrier One, the front up fabric is shorter than the Omni 360, so your baby’s head might be more exposed.

Omni 360 and Carrier One Price and Dimensions.

Omni 360 cost about £164.99 while the other cost about £160. So that’s almost £5 indifferent. Although not that’s much is almost the same, so many don’t compare it.

The prices differ depending where you buy them.

Ergobaby  Omni 360 has these dimensions; 17 x 17 x 27 cm and the former these H58 x W160 x 1cm. So they do differ a bit.

Which One is Better?

Is a tough decision with these two. What makes the Omni 369 stand out the most is the fact that it’s suitable for up to 4 years. It also has a pouch.

Those are the main things, as with the designs that are a personal choice. People have different preferences so I can’t say this one is better than the other.

Ergobaby Omni 360 looks to be better because of the reasons above. It also has more colours to offer which is a big pro for many.

It having a more expensive price can be the fact that it has a pouch. However, Carrier One can be chosen by those who purely like the design more and don’t mind the age range or lack of pouch.

So, it does depend on what you prefer, but in the market, these features and accessories are more wanted by parents.


Baby Bjorn Carrier One cons are the lack of pouch, fewer colours and it is suitable only up to 15kg. Some of the cons they both share are they are both expensive and bulky.

Might not be that easy to fold and store. A third one is that the waistbelt or band don’t have ventilation which differs from example the Beco 8 carrier.

Other than these the pros are many.


Both are very good and will make life easier for both of you. Choosing one of these will depend on your personal preference because they are both suitable for many lifestyles.

Think about your need and what your baby will need and then go from there. Reading reviews and such is important and if you can test it as well.

Maybe a friend has it or your local shops?

What will it be? Is the Ergobaby Omni 360 or Baby Bjorn Carrier One?

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