What’s the Difference Between the Beco 8 and Beco Gemini?

Beco has been providing families with baby carriers for many users and their carriers are known for their quality and high prices. In this article, I will be comparing two popular ones.

The differences between the Beco 8 and Beco Gemini. Which One is Better? To do this I will be going over the similarities and differences.

I will also lay down the cons both share. If you have a hard choice hopefully the article will help you with your dilemma. If you are interested in buying both then there will be links available for it as well.

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About the Beco 8 Carrier.

The Beco 8 carrier is suitable from 3.2kg up to 20kg which is around 3 or 4 years (through my search it’s around 4, but it depends on your toddler).

It fits all parents. From size XS up to XXL. Like many quality carriers, it has 4 positions and the padded shoulders are crossable to make things easier.

Head support and a hood is included as well. Beco 8 according to manufacturers is made for all seasons with a ventilation system on the back panel.

You also have lumbar for back support. Safety buckles that are durable and safe and the Beco 8 have pockets for personal things to be kept.

Available in multiple colours.

About the Beco Gemini Carrier.

Suitable from birth without the newborn insert up to 18 months or maybe 2 years. The waistbelt is as wide as adjustable for your back.

Crossable straps to help with shoulders. The chest straps on the Gemini are adjustable for your baby’s height.  This helps with a newborn baby.

Beco Gemini has head support that folds when not in use. Available in multiple colours and has pockets on the waistbelt.

Similarities Between the Beco 8 and Gemini.

Beco 8 and Beco Gemini Age Range.

The similarity in this one is that both are suitable from birth around 3.2kg. You can use the forward inward-facing option for your newborn.

As they are growing up you use the hip facing and outward forward-facing option up to the age limit.

To create the height of the front for your baby growth Beco 8 and Beco Gemini have adjustable back panels to make it possible.


Beco 8 and Beco Gemini Design.

These are designed with two width adjustments where you have narrow and wide settings. The most narrow one is used from the outward front carrying.

Either narrow or wide is used for other positions. (Backward facing is also included as all two have 4 positions).

Both carriers have dual straps that can be adjustable and used on the shoulder strap and waistbelt. The shoulder straps can be crossable to make things easier for the wearer.

You can also wear them normal. They are durable and versatile and also flexible to use for the parent. Another feature they have in common is the pockets.

Both have pockets on the waist belt which can be used to store keys, phones, etc. An accessory some other carriers don’t have.

An example is the Baby Bjorn Carrier One.

This makes the carriers wanted by many. You can wash both in the washing machine but do not dry in a machine. Both can also be used to breastfeed.

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Differences Between the 8 and Beco Gemini.

Differences in Age Range Between Beco 8 and Beco Gemini.

Beco Gemini is known to be more suitable for small babies and more comfortable but is not that usable for big toddlers.

It’s estimated to be for up to 18 months which is under 15kg. The Beco 8 however can be worn up to 3 years or beyond. It depends entirely on your toddler.

It’s higher and has a wider back. This means if you plan to use the carrier for a while Beco 8 might be the option.

Differences with the Design of Beco 8 and Beco Gemini.

Both have breathable mesh on the body and neck, but the Beco 8 has also a zip panel over the mesh which makes it an all seasonal carrier.

Beco 8 can be used during warm days and when it’s cold you can use the panel to cover it up so it does not get cold. Beco 8 is also thicker in the straps and body which makes it more suitable for winter.

The Beco 8 has a newborn insert to help fit your newborn in the carrier. This is because of hows it’s built, however with the Beco Gemini you don’t have to.

It’s well suited for your little one.

Both have a waistbelt or band but the Beco 8 has removable lumbar support to help distribute the weight when your baby is getting older.

This is also one of the reasons why it’s more suitable for older children. The body panel has an extended piece that can be used to help cover your baby when they are sleeping.

This feature both have but the Beco 8 has also a so-called “soft sleep hood” to make things more comfortable when the baby sleeps on your back

Beco 8 and Beco Gemini Price and Material.

Because the Beco 8 is newer it’s more expensive. Gemini can cost from £69.99 up to £105 this depends on which colour you choose and where you buy it from.

Second-hand carriers might lack one feature. Always check before buying. For the Beco 8, it can be from £110 up to £125, again it depends on where you buy it from.

The fabrics also differ from the Gemini which is made of 100% cotton. Beco 8 is made of more polyester around 65% and cotton is around 35%.

Beco 8 and Beco Gemini Dimensions and Colours.

Beco Gemini weights around 726g and the former 1.2kg which is not that much but it can mean something for some parents. This means the Beco Gemini is more compact and easier to store.

35.56 x 25.4 x 12.7 cm for the dimensions of Beco 8 and the Beco Gemini has these dimensions 33.02 x 23.37 x 9.65 cm.

The colours also differ. Beco 8 for example has the rust (red colour) and leopard colour which the Gemini does not offer. The same with the Gemini.

It has multiple two pattern colours which the Beco 8 does not offer. Visit Becos home page to see all the colours.

Which One is Better?

The Beco 8 seem to be better than the Gemini it has more features and it’s suitable for a longer period. It’s excellent for those parents who want to use the carrier for years.

It’s also suitable for all seasons and is more padded. If you are willing to pay more and have a bulkier carrier then go ahead.

Beco Gemini is for those who don’t use the carrier often and want it only for their baby. If you want to pack it in and use it outside then this one is better.

Although looking at the market and what’s more desirable the Beco 8 would be ideal for more lifestyles.


The expensive prices, although there are more expensive carriers are some of the biggest cons. Gemini has a cheaper price in some shops. Some small cons here and there.

Beco 8 is a bit heavier and Beco Gemini might not be good to use in all seasons. It’s also not suitable for older children which means it’s easy dismissed by many.

Not having separate pouches can be cons as well. This can make carriers like Ergobaby Omni 360 more desirable. Those are the important ones.


Like many products, cons will always be noticed, but looking at the bigger picture will make you decide. These are quality carriers that will make life easier for your little one and you.

Although expensive Beco 8 is better and will give you and your child good experience lasting years. If you are willing to spend to get a good quality carrier then this one is an excellent choice.

Most of the reviews on Becos site are positive, which are made by over 100+ parents.

Which one will it be? How long do you plan to use your carrier?

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  1. Proper protection for fragile but precious commodities is of paramount importance and proper baby carriers need to be purchased with this in mind. You mentioned that Beco Gemini is very suitable for small babies but as the child grows Gemini 8 is designed to allow use beyond that of Beco Gemini. I have found that Family Support Groups where you can partner with other parents to cover the needs of your children is incredible. Other parents are facing the same issues as you, so maybe together you can purchase both units and then receive the best use of each type of carrier at the appropriate time when needed. Just a thought, for what seems to be excellent products! 

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