What is the Difference Between Omni Breeze and Omni 360?

Ergobaby is well known for its top carriers, especially its 360 model carriers. When the 360 was launched it became successful. They later launched the Omni 360 which was more like.

Ergobaby did not only stop there they introduced the Omni Breeze which again, turn out to be a success since it came out last year.

Some are still though wondering which one to go with. What is the difference between Omni Breeze and Omni 360? Which one should they go for?

In this article, I will cover both carriers’ pros, and cons and a detailed analysis of the differences.

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About the Omni Breeze.

Omni Breeze has all the features a top-quality carrier can have. Well, the features which are more desirable. It’s suitable for newborns up to 4 years of age around 20kg.

It has all 4 positions which are the face in, face out, hip carrying and back carrying. It has a soft pillow for your baby’s neck and head.

Padded and adjustable straps to keep the carrier firm and easy to wear. You also have an adjustable waistband and the Omni Breeze it’s a bit wider than some carriers. Covers your little one’s legs better.

Plus more features which it’s amazing. One of Ergobaby best carriers and one of the best in the market as well.

About the Omni 360.

Just like the Breeze, the Omni has many good features. It’s suitable from 4 months or 6 months up to 4 years. It has all 4 positions to make life easy for than the one wearing and the one on.

Soft breathable mesh and comes in a few fabrics. Cotton and Airflow. Soft and padded straps to make things easier for the parent.

Omni 360 also has other benefits See my full review on it.

What is the Difference Between Omni Breeze and Omni 360?

Omni Breeze and Omni 360 Airflow.

Both carriers have Airflow to make it easy to use the carrier during hot days and also help your newborn breathe easier with all of the stuffing.

However, with the new update, Omni Breeze offers more now. It’s designed with a lightweight so-called SoftFlex mesh. This covers the whole carrier so your baby will feel air coming in more directions.

Omni 360 has breathable cotton in certain areas not all. This means the air will only flow in a few places and that leads to less air coming in.

Omni Breeze also has foam cuts in the waistbelt and lumbar support which means more air can come in.

You won’t feel sweaty around your waist which is inevitable with the thick padded band. This means the Omni Breeze is better to have during summer and for those parents who can’t take that much heat.

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Omni Breeze Other Extra Features.

Breeze has reflective fabric on the sides of the carrier which is good for night view. These are also most common with strollers.

Many carriers lack this feature which makes the Omni Breeze one of the few that does have it. Taking a stroll in the dark can be something some parents do which makes this feature super helpful.

You also have side pockets on the Omni Breeze which adds more to the storage it already has. Just like the Omni 360 it also has a pouch.

Both are detachable. The pockets are there for your keys, and phone which you don’t always need to bring a pouch for. Omni Breeze can be ideal for those who always have small accessories with them.

Ergobaby Omni Breeze also has sliders on the sides to adjust the carrier for children facing outward which the former lacks.

Omni Breeze and Omni 360 Age Range and Style

Omni Breeze is said to be suitable from birth about 3.2kg up to exactly 20.4kg. With Omni 360 it’s from 4 months earliest up to 20kg.

This makes the Omni Breeze more ideal for parents who want to use a carrier earlier on. Although the design is the same the Breeze seems wider.

Its waistband, shoulder strap and its body size are wider.

Omni Breeze and Omni 360 Price.

The price differs as well because the Omni Breeze it’s newer its, therefore, more expensive. Ergobaby Omni Breeze costs about £174.

The former is around £134. It’s about £40 indifference. That’s a lot, so people might wonder if the new update is worth the price?

Which One is Better?

The winner no doubt is the Omni Breeze. It has better Airflow, more accessories and offers a longer age range. These are the only things which make the Omni Breeze better.

Other than that these share more features and are quite similar. The same colours, weight almost the same, offer all 4 positions, soft and padded straps, etc.

Depending on your lifestyle the Omni Breeze will definitely be the one to go for. If you don’t mind the features Omni 360 offers and you are using the carrier from 4 months then this one is good.

It’s cheaper saving you a lot of money.


Both are expensive and heavy which are the biggest cons both share. Might not be that compact and easy to store in narrow spaces.

It can be a bit difficult to place your baby in it by yourself. These cons are not that many because the carriers are high quality and provide many features.

Which of these Ergobaby Omni carriers are you going for?

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