Tula Free To Grow Review.

Tula is a brand created by two partners who wanted to help make things easier for any parent out there. Their baby carriers are known for lightweight and stylish looks.

In this article, I will review the Free To grow baby carrier which came out some time ago. Detail the pros and cons. What lifestyle the carrier is Suitable for and so on.

If you are looking for something comfortable then, this might be it.

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  • Suitable from birth up to 20.5kg.
  • Ergonomic seating position (M position).
  • It has adjustable positions. 3 width and 2 height positions.
  • Breathable lightweight mesh fabrics.
  • Adjustable straps for neck and shoulder relief.
  • Two positions are available (back and front).
  • Comfortable leg pads.
  • Coordinate waist base and a removable hood included.
  • A large front pocket for personal items.

Tula Free To Grow Review.

Product: Free To Grow.

Price: £112.85.


  • The main seat panel width can be adjusted from 12.5cm to 38cm  (5 to 15 inches)
  • The height of the panel can be adjusted from 28cm to 43cm (11 to 17 inches)
  • The hip belt measures 12.5cm in height and 76cm in length with an additional strap length extending to 145cm (5″ high with waist belt 30″ extending to 57″)
  • Carrier weighs 0.8Kg (1.7lbs) and can be folded up small to fit in a bag.

From Tula.

Free To Grow Design and Style.

Baby Tula has been providing families with baby carriers for years now. The Free To Grow baby carrier is one of their popular carriers and for a good reason.

It takes you from birth up to toddlerhood. That’s from 3.2kg up to 20.4kg which is good. Around 4 years. Designed like most carriers the Free To Grow  offers you many features

It has an ergonomic style with the M positions, this makes your baby’s legs are crossed safely. It prevents them from hurting their hips and spine.

Also not to prevent any hip and spine development. So, to help you from birth up to 4 years you have the dimensions. With 3 width and 2 height positions, you position your baby or toddler in a way to make them comfortable.

Of course, the straps are there to make things easier as well. Soft and padded straps to make things easier for the parent. Adjust them to help with your neck and shoulders.

Another feature exists for the waist as well. To help lift that weight off your back. The Free To Grow is ventilated and very lightweight.

Makes it easier for your little one to breathe during hot days. With the weight, you bring it along anywhere and use it when in need. Toke it under the stroller, for a rainy day.

Your baby’s legs will of course be well taken care of. You have comfortable and soft leg pads to make it cosy and relaxing.

A hood for protection from the weather when not in need just remove it. You won’t have it bothering your little one

Tula Free To Grow carriers also offer one accessory which many carriers don’t have. A front pocket is available for you to use.

You can store anything there to help make the journey easier.

Free To Grow Positions and More.

You have only two positions with this carrier. The front-facing inward position and the back position. This carrier is not designed for outward carrying whether from the back or front

Your baby should use the back position when they are 12 months. At this age, they have strengthened all body parts to help them.

Other bonuses are included. The colours are many and made to match any environment you are in. These are two patterns or more colours.

Some of these are; Sleepy dust (which is my favourite), wander, Stumptown, Forever, Botanical, Storytail, Cityscape, etc. Visit Baby Tula’s site for info on all.

Your choices are unlimited. Then you have the cleaning part. You can use a washing machine, but Tula recommends for you not to clean it that often because it’s better to just wipe some parts when you can.

You also can breastfeed your baby when on the carrier. You will only need to position it in a way that makes both of you comfortable.


  • It’s expensive, so it might not be that affordable to everybody.
  • If you have back problems you should not wear this baby carrier according to some mum, it’s not that helpful.
  • It might take a little bit of time to master the carrier.

Tula Free To Grow Carrier vs Baby Bjorn Carrier One.

Some of the most famous brands to produce baby carriers. These are top competitors and their carriers look similar in design, mirroring the modern carriers.

I will do a short review between them to see if the Free To Grow carrier has high a spot in the market. Let’s first see the similarities between these two, and these are:

  • Both are suitable from birth up to toddlerhood.
  • Padded and thick shoulder straps.
  • Ergonomic position with M shape.
  • Comes in multiple colours.
  • Machine washable.
  • Hip friendly.
  • No need for a newborn insert.
  • Comes with a hood.


So, what differs is that Carrier One has 4 super good positions. It has eco-friendly fabrics and materials. It’s more padded for the winter.

It uses using cotton blend one of the best and you also wash it any amount you want. The hood is adjustable as well.

What makes the Free To Grow stand out is the multiple colours, cheaper price, suitability of up to 4 years, front pocket, removable hood and lighter weight.

So, which one is better. Well, if you only want to carry your baby inward and from your back, the Free To Grow is great and will save money.

If are only using it for your baby then recommend buying it. The Carrier One is still great and provides more positions, but it’s expensive and only up to 3 years.

It depends on the situation and such. In my view, the Yula carrier is better and offers more.


Tulas Free To Grow carrier is a carrier for many lifestyles and even the colours reflect that. You can use it for long strolls, short strolls, hiking, etc. The journeys are endless.

It’s expensive, but it does have features and style to make up for it. The lack of more positions can also be a put of but, if it’s for your baby these positions a the best.

You even enjoy it with your toddler.

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  1. I believe that a carrier like this is pretty cool because you get to keep your hands free as you move about. But the cons of this carrier will help parents to decide if this is the one for them. But despite the cons, I believe that a carrier like this is still a good investment.

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