Can a 3 Month Old Use a Carrier?

You have probably heard or been hearing to wait until your baby is 6 months to have a carrier. Or at least that’s what you thought was the best age.

However, do you know that baby carriers, slings or wraps can be worn from newborn, as long your baby is 3kg? There are many benefits to babywearing at an early age.

In this article, I will over the question and answer some of the benefits. I will also recommend good baby carriers from birth.

Can a 3-Month-Old Use a Carrier?

The answer to this is yes. Just like the strollers it also depends on the product. Some carriers are suitable from birth and others not.

So, you can buy a comfortable carrier to use to carry your little one. As mentioned above it can be from birth as well as long they are within the age range.

Certain quality carriers are not meant for your 3 months old baby, but you can find all season carriers meant for your little one.

3-Month-Old Positions in Carrier.

You might also be wondering if I do decide to get a carrier for my small baby and what positions are available.

Because your little one is tiny and does not have full control over their neck and head, they have to be close to you.

So the face in position is the only one available for them. In certain carriers, there can be two positions within the face.

Where you have the waistband more folded and the seat narrowed to make your much smaller infants closer to you and give them full support.

You then unfold it a bit around 2 months, but your baby will still be close to you. The face in position is up to 5 or 6 months.

They later move on to the face out position. You also have hip carrying, but that’s again from 5 months.

Benefits in Babywearing for Your 3-Month-Old.

Continues Bonding.

If you use the carrier from birth then instantly you will develop a good bond with your little one and when they reach 3 months they will still be attached to you.

You should of course not always hold your baby, but put them to sleep, etc. Too much attachment can’t be good for some babies.

Baby Carriers Encourage Child Development.

Baby carriers are also meant to help with your child’s development. Well, most quality carriers are. So your child would be in an ergonomic position.

Sitting in an M shape position will help with their hips and spine development. It’s good to research and see what carriers offer the best ergonomic style.

Ergobaby it’s a brand that offers this on all of their carriers. Whether you use a big or small carrier.

Baby Carriers Helps with Doing Chores.

At 3 months your baby is quite tiny and needs a lot of your attention. You can’t always hold them with your hands so you will need a solution.

With a carrier, you would be able to carry your baby and maybe do laundry, wash the dishes, etc.

Remember you can’t do all chores and certain movements because your baby is still tiny and fragile. Certain chores would be also uncomfortable with carrying an infant.

An article from Ergobaby gives advice on what one should think about before buying a carrier and it also touches on some benefits.

Suitable Baby Carriers for a 3-Month-Old to Use.

I have reviewed and compared some of the carriers in the market and many of these are good, but not all are suitable for your 3-month-old.

Some of these are expensive and others are a bit in the middle. I will list a few that I think would really be great for your baby and you.

Let’s first do that with the Ergobaby Embrace and Baby Björn Mini. These are both suitable from birth up to around 11kg. Both support all facing options.

Quality materials with straps and buckles can be all washed in the washing machine. Click the links to view more.

Closer to these are the Beco 8, Gemini and the Integra baby carrier. These are a less known brand but do also provide excellent quality.

Beco 8 is more expensive out of all of these. You have Tula Free To Grow. that’s a bit cheaper than these but also good for your baby.

What makes the Tula Free To Grow more amazing is it’s suitable for up to 20kg, although some of the three offers are the same, but they are more expensive with the exception of the Beco Gemini.

It’s cheaper in certain colours.


What’s important is that you are comfortable wearing a carrier and that your baby enjoys it. There’s nothing wrong with trying it out and seeing it for yourself.

Baby carriers are indeed meant for babies of all ages. What is it going to be? Are you ready to buy one for your little infant and which one of the above will choose?

If you have more options, leave a comment down below. It would be nice to help broaden the choices.

Is Ergobaby Embrace Worth it?

Ergobaby is known for its quality carriers, stroller and other quality baby products. Although they are most known for their baby carriers and Embrace is one of these.

It’s more like a combination of a baby sling/wrap and a carrier, but it’s still the same. If you are planning on buying the Embrace carrier you are probably asking the question above.

What makes this sling or carrier good to make worth? Is my baby going to be comfortable in it and how long can I use it?

I will try to answer any doubts by reviewing the carrier and laying down all the descriptions, with the help of my research and my experience using baby carriers.

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Is Ergobaby Embrace Worth it?

Embrace Age Range.

As the name suggests the Embrace is meant for small babies and it’s meant for you to create a special bond with your little one at a very young age.

Therefore it’s suitable for newborns who can be anywhere from 3.2kg and up to 11.3kg which is around 12 months but can also be 13 to 14 months.

Your baby’s height and weight will determine if that would be the age at which your baby will stop using the Embrace. Is worth it though when other carriers can be up to 5 years?

It is because as the name suggests it’s meant for you to have closeness to your baby. A combination of the sling and standard carrier.

Besides this is the age when your baby would need you the most and you will always be able to carry them. Having an easy sling would help you do your tasks and then keep your baby close.

Embrace Seating Positions.

The Embrace only has front-facing positions as you can guess because of the age, but there are three positions, unlike some carriers.

It has an inward position, but the waistband should be folded twice so that the back of the carrier is shortened and the seat is narrow.

All this is to keep your newborn closer and to support their body. This position is used from 3.2kg up to 2 months. The weight depends on your little one.

After 2 months, you can unfold the waistband and have them sit in a normal face-in position. Which is up to 5 or 6 months.

Finally, you have the facing out option. Where your baby faces the world to have a worldly view which is an exciting period.

At this age, they can support their neck and head which makes them relax a bit.

You are probably wondering if the seating is safe well, it is. The Embrace like all Ergobaby carriers is ergonomic. Meaning when seated your baby is positioned in an M shape position.

Which according to experts is the best seating position your baby can take to help them with their hip and spine development. Well, at least not disrupt it.

Embrace Design.

According to many reviews given to parents who have used the carrier says that Ergobaby Embrace has an excellent design. It’s a combination of a sling and a carrier.

The straps are lightweight and will glide easily around your should when in the facing positions to help you embrace your baby even more.

That’s not available for the facing out positions because it’s not needed. It fits perfectly in general. Cross shoulder straps always help the parents use the carrier in a proper way which the Embrace offers.

You have three buckles to help you attach the Embrace carrier. It has a big buckle on the waist and then two small ones near the torso.

These are plastic buckles so they should be hidden away from children. According to a review, a read the buckles are some of the favourite things many parents love about this carrier.

When looking at the design you can also wonder if this carrier is designed for parents of all sizes.

Ergobaby is usually designed for XS to XXL parents, which means it’s for anyone. Both mum and dad.

Made from jersey fabrics just like the Ergobaby Mini. Oeko tex standard 100 certified fabric. It means the material is soft and comfortable. Easy to wash at 30 degrees with a washing machine.

I would recommend air drying it.

Embrace Carrier Wear.

You can either sit or stand when putting your baby in the carrier. The best thing is you can do it alone. Use one hand to hold the baby and the other hand to handle the carrier.

Depending on your baby’s height and your height it’s possible to breastfeed your little one but you will need to be in a sitting position.

The difference adjustment in the carrier can help hold your baby.

Buy Ergobaby Embrace On Amazon.

Embrace Weight and Dimensions.

It’s an extremely lightweight carrier at 0.45kg and these are the dimensions ‎26.49 x 17.4 x 12.4 cm. This makes the carrier very lightweight and compact.

Easy to pack in your little one’s changing bag or store in a stroller basket. Bring it anywhere you are going in case you end up needing it.

This is also one of the reasons why Embrace is worth it for many.

Embrace Colours and Price.

When you buy the Ergobaby Embrace you also have the option to choose from more than one colour. In some cases, some carriers are only available in two or three colours.

The Embrace offers bright colours as well. You have pink, black, grey, blue, green and beige.  That’s 6 colours and you can choose if you want a dark or a bright colour.

Guess what? The price remains the same whichever colour you choose. Unlike some carriers, the price can change depending on the colour you choose.

It costs about £79. Compare to the Ergobaby Mini it’s much cheaper and these are almost the same. That costs about 80-95.

Embrace Cons.

  • According to one reviewer who has used the carrier when the shoulders straps are crossed it can slide a bit. It depends on your height.
  • The age range is short.
  • The plastics can become bubbly over time.
  • Mostly suited for summer, spring and autumn.
  • Slightly expensive when compared with other carriers in the market.
  • Only offers 6 colours, and some might want more options.
  • Although suitable for all sizes some parts of the carrier might be on the way according to the same parent.

So, is the Ergobaby Embrace Worth it?

What’s your answer to that? The only major cons I can think of after reading the details are the age range and the chance that the straps slide a bit.

Well, these are the most important ones. Other than that the Ergobaby Embrace is a very good combination of a sling and carrier to keep the baby comfortable

It’s a chance for you to Embrace your child closer and at the same time have the features the carriers offer. It’s simple, compact and soft.

Easy to handle according to many stats. So, I would say yes, it’s definitely worth it for many. However, just like any other baby product is not for everyone

Our lives and choices differ.

Buy Ergobaby Embrace On Amazon.

How Long Can You Use the Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier?

How long can you use the Baby Bjorn Mini carrier if you buy it? This is a question many tend to have in general for all baby carriers, but also because Baby Björn alongside Ergobaby offers the best carriers.

Are you planning on buying this quality carrier and want all the information before you do just that? Then in this article, I will go over the benefits and cons as well.

The most important answer to the question above is to help you figure out when you will need it and how long.

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How Long Can You Use the Baby Björn Mini Carrier?

Baby Björn Mini Carrier Age Range.

The Babybjörn Mini is suitable from newborn up to 11kg which is around 13 months plus for boys and 14 months plus for girls.

This will entirely depend on your little one because all babies and small infants are different in weight and height.

As you can see in the name It’s meant for your little one. For it to be the first carrier you will use to keep your baby close no matter your daily tasks.

It’s also a carrier designed for those parents who are only interested in having a carrier for their newborns or tiny babies.

Afterwards, your baby tends to get heavy and parents will have difficulty carrying their kids, especially those who experience backache.

So, the age is perfect and suitable for many outings or even at home.

Baby Björn Mini Carrier Features.

Mini Carrier Supports Ergonomic Position.

Being in an ergonomic position ensures that your baby’s hips and spine are not in danger which if they are can cause some great damage to their development.

Baby Björn Mini helps protect your baby’s back, neck and hips to have them in an ergonomic position. This is done by correctly adjusting the carrier.

Keep your little one comfortable and safe. You can feel your little one’s C position on their back by touching them. In this position, it guarantees they are safe and well seated.

Mini Carrier Facing Options.

You have two facing positions which are the face in and facing out positions. The facing in position is when your little one and you are facing face to face.

This is for newborns up to 5 months and it’s safer to keep their neck and head comfortably. You can also bond closer and feel them near you.

After 5 months you can switch to the face out position when your baby is a bit stronger and get to view the outside world.

Mini Carrier Design and Materials.

The Baby Björn Mini Carrier just like many carriers has two straps for your shoulders and then a body part. It’s made with double layers of extra-soft jersey material.

It’s a bit thick but not that much. Ideal carrier for fall (autumn), spring and summer. Its material is breathable. You can take out the front part of the carrier to keep your baby sleeping if you want to put them to bed.

With the new version, you have the new 3D Jersey material which of course is more comfortable. Baby Björn Mini Carrier is machine washable at 40 degrees and should be washed separately.

I would recommend air drying it later on which can take 1 day during summer. This way the Carrier last for years.

Weight and Dimensions.

Very compact and easy to store. Weighing only 0.48kg and these are the dimensions 43.5 x 1 x 57cm. Being one of the lightest carriers in the market.

A heavy carrier would be around 1.5kg. Carriers such as the Baby Björn One and Ergobaby Omni 360 weigh around 1kg so you can imagine this is a very lightweight carrier.

Perfect for those who don’t have space.

Mini Carrier Colours and Price.

Baby Björn Mini Carrier comes in many colours and you will love these. You have Light and dark grey, blue, beige, black, landscape print (black and white), dusty pink, leopard and beige, Indigo, etc.

There are more blue and grey colour patterns, dark leopard colour, one more pink shade and another beige colour. The link will direct you to view all the colours.

It’s 16 colours in total.

The price depends on the colour you choose, but it’s between £80 to £95. The dark grey cost about £95 but you also have the standard pink colour costing £80.

As you can see there are many options to choose from and £95 to £80 is not that much if you are getting a quality carrier.

Besides, when taken care of the Mini can last for years and you can use it for future kids.

Baby Björn Mini Carrier Cons.

  • Suitable only up to 11kg (Although meant for this age).
  • Only has two positions and both are forward-facing.
  • A bit pricey.
  • Does not come with a pouch.
  • Not the best carrier for winter.
  • Depending on the heat, the carrier can be a bit thick to wear. (These are just my thoughts).
  • It does not offer waist or back support like some carriers.


Are you Content with the age range of the Baby Björn Mini Carrier? It’s not ideal for everybody because some might want it to last longer.

However, as the name suggests it’s a smaller Carrier and it’s not designed to carry heavier babies. It’s still ideal for many and a quality carrier many would love to have.

It’s a bit pricey compared to other similar carriers, but it does have the features to make up for it.

Buy BabyBjörn Mini On Amazon.

What’s the Difference Between the Ergobaby Omni 360 and Baby Bjorn Carrier One?

Some of the best brands when it comes to baby carriers, if not the best. They are well known among many. These were the first I heard concerning baby carriers.

The difference between the Ergobaby Omni 360 and Baby Bjorn Carrier One will be discussed in this article. I will also go over the similarities as well.

Both a quality, stylish, durable and comfortable so it won’t be easy to choose one, but I hope with this article it will make your choice a bit easier.

So, which one is better? Well, let’s find out.

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Buy Ergobaby Omni 360 On Amazon.

About the Ergobaby Omni 360.

Suitable from 3.4kg which is week 1 up to 20kg around 4 years. Comes with 4 positions which are front carrying both inward and outward. You have side carrying and back carrying positions.

It comes with cool air mesh fabrics in the middle to make your little one comfortable, and it’s also available in cotton. Waistbelt for ease and well-padded and adjustable straps.

Ergonomic M-position to make baby safe and comfortable. UPF50+ hood and you can breastfeed in it. Comes in multiple colours and is machine washable as well.

About the Baby Bjorn Carrier One.

The Carrier One is one of Baby Bjorns famous carriers. It’s suitable from birth up to around 3 years. Made with cotton blend fabrics to make baby and toddler comfortable.

Has 4 positions to suit and accommodate many families. No need for newborn inserts as the straps and body size is adjustable.

The Carrier suits any carrier as well. Size XS up to XXL. Head support and it also has the M position to further protect your baby and keep them safe.

Eco-friendly materials and when dirty you can wash it in the washing machine. Stylish, durable and eye-catching.

Similarities Between the Ergobaby Omni 360 and Baby Bjorn Carrier One.

Omni 360 and Carrier One Age Range.

Both carriers are suitable from birth up to toddlerhood. Both are usable from birth without baby inserts so it means you don’t have to spend more money.

You don’t also have to go through the problem of inserting it.

Omni 360 and Carrier One Design.

Because these carriers are high quality they have a lot of things in common. Both have padded and soft straps which are adjustable as well.

Adjust the body straps for it to suit your baby and the shoulder straps should be adjusted to suit the carrier. Making it comfortable for all.

These are also crossable to help your carry your baby no matter the weight.

The body is also thick and has ventilated mesh for the Ergobaby is the Cool Air Mesh. Both carriers provide M shape positions and padded leg pads.

This is to protect the baby from a lack of spine and hip development. Experts have confirmed and recommended both carriers to parents.

The Omni 360 and Carrier One have waistbelts with lumbar to help lift off that weight from your back.

A UPF50+ hood is attached to both so your baby can be protected from the sun or other weather conditions. You can breastfeed on both depending on you.

Both are also washable in the washing machine. The designs offer multiple colours. They both weigh 1kg which is lightweight and can be easily stored in some tiny places.

Both have 4 positions. The front inward and outward-facing, hip carrying and back carrying. These are the only known positions for carriers that will make your journeys easier.

Buy Carrier One On Amazon.

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Differences Between the Ergobaby Omni 360 and Baby Bjorn Carrier One.

Differences with the Omni 360 and Carrier One Age Range.

Omni 360 is suitable for up to 20.4kg which is the exact weight. That’s up to 4 years and the latter is up to 15kg. That’s around 3 years.

So there’s are an age between, which means your toddler can use the Ergobaby Omni 360 longer. This makes it more pleasing to some, especially those who always want to use the carrier and who will want to use it for years.

The weight and age will depend entirely on your toddler because toddlers grow differently.

Differences with the Omni 360 and Carrier One Design.

First, the materials are different. Ergobaby Omni 360 is made of cool air mesh and the former cotton blend. Both are good and comfortable.

Baby Bjorn Carrier One carrier has bigger buckle straps than the Omni 360. The Ergobaby carrier offers a pouch that is similar to the carrier.

The Carrier One does not offer this either and neither a pocket. So, you don’t have a place to store your things. The colours differ as well. Omni 360 offers more colours.

Some the colours are similar and others not. Black, grey and beige/cream are the common colours both share.

For the Carrier One, the front up fabric is shorter than the Omni 360, so your baby’s head might be more exposed.

Omni 360 and Carrier One Price and Dimensions.

Omni 360 cost about £164.99 while the other cost about £160. So that’s almost £5 indifferent. Although not that’s much is almost the same, so many don’t compare it.

The prices differ depending where you buy them.

Ergobaby  Omni 360 has these dimensions; 17 x 17 x 27 cm and the former these H58 x W160 x 1cm. So they do differ a bit.

Which One is Better?

Is a tough decision with these two. What makes the Omni 369 stand out the most is the fact that it’s suitable for up to 4 years. It also has a pouch.

Those are the main things, as with the designs that are a personal choice. People have different preferences so I can’t say this one is better than the other.

Ergobaby Omni 360 looks to be better because of the reasons above. It also has more colours to offer which is a big pro for many.

It having a more expensive price can be the fact that it has a pouch. However, Carrier One can be chosen by those who purely like the design more and don’t mind the age range or lack of pouch.

So, it does depend on what you prefer, but in the market, these features and accessories are more wanted by parents.


Baby Bjorn Carrier One cons are the lack of pouch, fewer colours and it is suitable only up to 15kg. Some of the cons they both share are they are both expensive and bulky.

Might not be that easy to fold and store. A third one is that the waistbelt or band don’t have ventilation which differs from example the Beco 8 carrier.

Other than these the pros are many.


Both are very good and will make life easier for both of you. Choosing one of these will depend on your personal preference because they are both suitable for many lifestyles.

Think about your need and what your baby will need and then go from there. Reading reviews and such is important and if you can test it as well.

Maybe a friend has it or your local shops?

What will it be? Is the Ergobaby Omni 360 or Baby Bjorn Carrier One?

Buy Carrier One On Amazon.

Buy Omni 360 On Amazon.

What’s the Difference Between the Beco 8 and Beco Gemini?

Beco has been providing families with baby carriers for many users and their carriers are known for their quality and high prices. In this article, I will be comparing two popular ones.

The differences between the Beco 8 and Beco Gemini. Which One is Better? To do this I will be going over the similarities and differences.

I will also lay down the cons both share. If you have a hard choice hopefully the article will help you with your dilemma. If you are interested in buying both then there will be links available for it as well.

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Buy Beco 8 On Amazon.

Buy Beco Gemini On Amazon.

About the Beco 8 Carrier.

The Beco 8 carrier is suitable from 3.2kg up to 20kg which is around 3 or 4 years (through my search it’s around 4, but it depends on your toddler).

It fits all parents. From size XS up to XXL. Like many quality carriers, it has 4 positions and the padded shoulders are crossable to make things easier.

Head support and a hood is included as well. Beco 8 according to manufacturers is made for all seasons with a ventilation system on the back panel.

You also have lumbar for back support. Safety buckles that are durable and safe and the Beco 8 have pockets for personal things to be kept.

Available in multiple colours.

About the Beco Gemini Carrier.

Suitable from birth without the newborn insert up to 18 months or maybe 2 years. The waistbelt is as wide as adjustable for your back.

Crossable straps to help with shoulders. The chest straps on the Gemini are adjustable for your baby’s height.  This helps with a newborn baby.

Beco Gemini has head support that folds when not in use. Available in multiple colours and has pockets on the waistbelt.

Similarities Between the Beco 8 and Gemini.

Beco 8 and Beco Gemini Age Range.

The similarity in this one is that both are suitable from birth around 3.2kg. You can use the forward inward-facing option for your newborn.

As they are growing up you use the hip facing and outward forward-facing option up to the age limit.

To create the height of the front for your baby growth Beco 8 and Beco Gemini have adjustable back panels to make it possible.


Beco 8 and Beco Gemini Design.

These are designed with two width adjustments where you have narrow and wide settings. The most narrow one is used from the outward front carrying.

Either narrow or wide is used for other positions. (Backward facing is also included as all two have 4 positions).

Both carriers have dual straps that can be adjustable and used on the shoulder strap and waistbelt. The shoulder straps can be crossable to make things easier for the wearer.

You can also wear them normal. They are durable and versatile and also flexible to use for the parent. Another feature they have in common is the pockets.

Both have pockets on the waist belt which can be used to store keys, phones, etc. An accessory some other carriers don’t have.

An example is the Baby Bjorn Carrier One.

This makes the carriers wanted by many. You can wash both in the washing machine but do not dry in a machine. Both can also be used to breastfeed.

Buy Beco 8 On Amazon.

Buy Beco Gemini On Amazon.

Differences Between the 8 and Beco Gemini.

Differences in Age Range Between Beco 8 and Beco Gemini.

Beco Gemini is known to be more suitable for small babies and more comfortable but is not that usable for big toddlers.

It’s estimated to be for up to 18 months which is under 15kg. The Beco 8 however can be worn up to 3 years or beyond. It depends entirely on your toddler.

It’s higher and has a wider back. This means if you plan to use the carrier for a while Beco 8 might be the option.

Differences with the Design of Beco 8 and Beco Gemini.

Both have breathable mesh on the body and neck, but the Beco 8 has also a zip panel over the mesh which makes it an all seasonal carrier.

Beco 8 can be used during warm days and when it’s cold you can use the panel to cover it up so it does not get cold. Beco 8 is also thicker in the straps and body which makes it more suitable for winter.

The Beco 8 has a newborn insert to help fit your newborn in the carrier. This is because of hows it’s built, however with the Beco Gemini you don’t have to.

It’s well suited for your little one.

Both have a waistbelt or band but the Beco 8 has removable lumbar support to help distribute the weight when your baby is getting older.

This is also one of the reasons why it’s more suitable for older children. The body panel has an extended piece that can be used to help cover your baby when they are sleeping.

This feature both have but the Beco 8 has also a so-called “soft sleep hood” to make things more comfortable when the baby sleeps on your back

Beco 8 and Beco Gemini Price and Material.

Because the Beco 8 is newer it’s more expensive. Gemini can cost from £69.99 up to £105 this depends on which colour you choose and where you buy it from.

Second-hand carriers might lack one feature. Always check before buying. For the Beco 8, it can be from £110 up to £125, again it depends on where you buy it from.

The fabrics also differ from the Gemini which is made of 100% cotton. Beco 8 is made of more polyester around 65% and cotton is around 35%.

Beco 8 and Beco Gemini Dimensions and Colours.

Beco Gemini weights around 726g and the former 1.2kg which is not that much but it can mean something for some parents. This means the Beco Gemini is more compact and easier to store.

35.56 x 25.4 x 12.7 cm for the dimensions of Beco 8 and the Beco Gemini has these dimensions 33.02 x 23.37 x 9.65 cm.

The colours also differ. Beco 8 for example has the rust (red colour) and leopard colour which the Gemini does not offer. The same with the Gemini.

It has multiple two pattern colours which the Beco 8 does not offer. Visit Becos home page to see all the colours.

Which One is Better?

The Beco 8 seem to be better than the Gemini it has more features and it’s suitable for a longer period. It’s excellent for those parents who want to use the carrier for years.

It’s also suitable for all seasons and is more padded. If you are willing to pay more and have a bulkier carrier then go ahead.

Beco Gemini is for those who don’t use the carrier often and want it only for their baby. If you want to pack it in and use it outside then this one is better.

Although looking at the market and what’s more desirable the Beco 8 would be ideal for more lifestyles.


The expensive prices, although there are more expensive carriers are some of the biggest cons. Gemini has a cheaper price in some shops. Some small cons here and there.

Beco 8 is a bit heavier and Beco Gemini might not be good to use in all seasons. It’s also not suitable for older children which means it’s easy dismissed by many.

Not having separate pouches can be cons as well. This can make carriers like Ergobaby Omni 360 more desirable. Those are the important ones.


Like many products, cons will always be noticed, but looking at the bigger picture will make you decide. These are quality carriers that will make life easier for your little one and you.

Although expensive Beco 8 is better and will give you and your child good experience lasting years. If you are willing to spend to get a good quality carrier then this one is an excellent choice.

Most of the reviews on Becos site are positive, which are made by over 100+ parents.

Which one will it be? How long do you plan to use your carrier?

Buy Beco 8 On Amazon.

Buy Beco Gemini On Amazon.

What’s the Difference Between the Ergobaby Adapt and Omni 360?

Ergobaby has been providing families with baby carriers for years. Some of their most famous carriers are the Ergobaby Adapt and Omni 360.

In this article, I will be comparing the Ergobaby Adapt and Omni 360 which are very good carriers. Adapt is usually compared to the 360, but I wanted to see how well it will perform with an updated version of 360.

I will be detailing the similarities and differences. Come to the conclusion on which of these is better. Note that this comparison is the classic Ergobaby Adapt not the newly updated version.

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Buy Omni 360 On Amazon.

Buy Adapt On Amazon.

About the Ergobaby Adapt.

Ergobaby Adapt is suitable from birth up to 20.4kg which is around 4 years. It has three seating positions to make things easier.

Ventilated mesh to keep the airflow and lumbar support for your back. You also have a UPF50+ hood for protection from weather and when you are breastfeeding.

A waistbelt that’s ventilated to make it easy for the parent. You won’t sweat that much if not at all. Air will be going in and out. M-position for your baby which protects their hips and spine.

Crossable straps that are also adjustable to make it easy for the carrier. Comes in multiple colours and you can wash the carrier in the washing machine.

The three positions Ergobaby Adapt has is inward front carrying, hip carrying or side carrying and lastly back carrying.

Available in Cool Air Mesh and cotton.

About the Ergobaby Omni 360.

Suitable from 3.4kg which is week 1 up to 20kg around 4 years. Comes with 4 positions which are front carrying both inward and outward. You have side carrying and back carrying positions.

It comes with cool air mesh fabrics in the middle to make your little one comfortable, and it’s also available in cotton. Waistbelt for ease and well-padded and adjustable straps.

Ergonomic M-position to make baby safe and comfortable. UPF50+ hood and you can breastfeed in it. Comes in multiple colours and is machine washable as well.

Similarities Between the Ergobaby Adapt and Omni 360.

Adapt and Omni 360 Age Range.

Both are suitable from birth up to 4 years. Some kg in different but the age range is the same. This makes both carriers very valuable for many.

Because both are a bit pricey this age range makes them worthy to buy.

Adapt and Omni 360 Design and Style Similarities.

Both have the Cool Air Mesh panel where your baby seats. This means they are both ventilated and air can come in and out during hot days.

Well-padded straps that are adjustable and you are able to adjust the carriers to suit your baby’s weight and height. Both have the front, back and hip positions.

The lumbar support on your waist to support your back and a hood for protection from the weather. This hood as mentioned above can be used when you are breastfeeding as well. Have a little bit of privacy.

Both are approved by experts to provide the best hip and spine protection. With the ergonomic M positions, this is possible.

When dirty the Ergobaby Adapt and Omni 360 can be washed in the machine. With some carriers, this option is not available. This makes it a great bonus.

Adapt and Omni 360 Dimensions.

The dimensions are also the same which is normal considering both are suitable from birth up to around 20kg. Both weigh 1kg which is not heavy, but there are lighter carriers.

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Differences Between the Ergobaby Adapt and Omni 360.

Adapt and Omni 360 Price and Colours.

The price for the Adapt ranges from £119.60 while the former is from £164. There’s a huge difference here for many. Although both are considerably expensive, the Adapt is more affordable for many.

They do have the same amount of colours. The Onyx Black, Midnight Blue, Pearl Grey are some of the colours they share, but colours like Khaki Green, Chambray, Black Tweed, etc is only given by the Omni 360.

For the Adapt you have colours like Raven, Plum, Trunks Up, etc which the Omni 360 does not offer. See all the colours by visiting the links.

Omni 360 has more premium and new colours which seem to look more desirable.

Adapt and Omni 360 Design and Style Differences.

Ergobaby Adapt has mesh both on the carrier and on the waistbelt, this makes it more comfortable for the parent as well. As mentioned above you won’t sweat that much in this area.

Other than that it has more similarities with the former. Ergobaby Omni 360 however has 4 positions instead of four. It also offers outward front carrying.

This option can be used from 5 months up to 4 years. Most parents won’t buy a carrier if it does not include this position.

You want your baby close where you can see them, but also allow them to view the rest of the world. This is when they start to explore the outside world and be more alert about their surroundings.

Adapt and Omni 360 Accessories.

The Ergobaby Omni 350 comes with a separate pouch that matches the colour of the carrier. It’s small enough to fit anywhere but big enough to carry small items.

Your phone, keys, baby bottles, etc. While the Ergobaby Adapt does not offer this accessory. So the Omni 360 is already a better carrier for some.

Which One is Better?

It’s hard to decide, and this answer can vary from person to person. If we look at the features and market the Omni 360 does seem to be the winner.

It has 4 positions, a pouch and it’s a newer design. The old Adapt has a cheaper price and ventilation on the waistbelt as well. So for those who don’t mind having only 3 positions on a carrier then the Adapt can be excellent for you.

It’s high quality and has almost the same features as the former.  As you can see this answer differs from person to person, so it’s up to you to see which is more suitable for your way of living.


These are some of the top carriers in the market so there are not that many cons. The expensive prices are the biggest cons. These also have mostly one pattern colours which some don’t prefer.

Baby Tula Free To Grow Carrier is an example of a multi-coloured carrier many prefer. Some parents say it’s a bit hard to adjust the straps when the baby is on board or that it can take a bit of time until you are used to wearing the carrier correctly.

Of, course it does need a bit of practice. The Ergobaby Adapt not having a pouch can make some parents not want it.


They are very good quality carriers and whichever you choose you will have a nice experience from birth up to toddlerhood. Both have the right features to make things easier for you and your baby.

The one you prefer will depend on your budget and certain needs. If you are always going to use the carrier then maybe the Omni 360 is a good investment.

For less usage, the Adapt will be great.

How will it be? I would love to know which you think will suit you the best.

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Is the Artipoppe Carrier Worth It?

Were you browsing through the web and came across the Artipoppe carrier? Wondering if it’s worth buying or not. It’s a question we all ask when buying an expensive product.

Through the research I have done I will go over the pros and cons to help you find out if the Artipoppe carrier is worth it or not. You will also get a link to where you can buy it.

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Artipoppe Carrier Pros.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist is Easy to Use From Birth.

The Artipoppe carrier is easy to use from birth around 3.2kg up to 20kg which is around 4 years. This age range depends on your toddler.

According to the manufacturers is a carrier that’s easy to use, durable and safe for your little one. You can put your baby in the front to make it safe.

The backside is for your 12 months old baby up to 4 years.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist  Design and Style.

It has padded and soft crossable shoulder straps that are also adjustable. It’s meant to take some weight off your shoulders.

A waistband is included to help lift that weight from your back. A waistband makes the carrier more secure as well.

An adjustable neck cushioned to help support your baby’s neck and head. Instruction brochures are found in every Artipoppe Zeitgeist carrier to make things easier for the parent.

It has 4 adjustable positions to help when the baby is growing up. Soft and cosy leg opening to make your little one comfortable while on the carrier.

It’s made for colder climates and got inspiration from animals, nature and humans. So it will be a good fit for many lifestyles.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist also offers the ability to breastfeed your baby while on it. Available in soo many colours.

Some examples are Yin Yang, Ying Yang 1970, Baby Tweed, Baby Tweed BW, Baby Argos Oat, Baby Arrow Zorro, etc. Visit the Artipoppe site to see all colours.

It’s a high top quality carrier that’s made to match your outfit, environment and accessories. (Confirmed by a mum reviewer.

More Artipoppe Zeitgeist Product Details.

  • Jacquard woven fabric
  • Metal with gold finish logo buttons
  • Embroidered peacock feather logo label
  • Black safety buttons
  • Elastic safety loops
  • Storage loops to cover excess strap lengths
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Handwash.

Artipoppe Carrier Cons.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist Expensive Price.

This carrier is very expensive which is a put off some mums. The cheapest is around £273 up to £800. Which is a lot for a carrier. This is the biggest con with this carrier.

If you don’t use the carrier all the time, and only a few times then is not worth the money. I recommend you only buy it if you always use the carrier

Artipoppe Zeitgeist Size.

The manufacturers have placed the maximum size to be around 2 years. So, maybe for some toddlers, it’s up to that age. This can be a con for some parents.

Some might want to use it up to 4 years and depending on your toddler it can impossible.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist is Made for Cold Climates.

Living in the west this is a good thing, but of course, we have summer so it will be a bit tuff using it. You and your baby will be sweaty during summer days (It’s the same with all padded carriers).

Considering the materials and fabrics it has some days you might not be able to wear it. Other than it’s perfect for other seasons.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist is Not Machine Washable.

As mentioned above, you can only do hand wash. Might not be an option for everyone so this is also a good thing to consider when buying it.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist Has Only Two Positions.

The carrier doesn’t seem to have the outward carrying and side carrying position. So the positions are only two which some parents will find unattractive.

The more positions for many. Considering it’s only up to 2 years according to manufacturers this might not be that big of a concern.


I was reading a review a mum did on this carrier, she said although it’s expensive it’s truly worth it. It was the best carrier she ever had. It was comfortable and easy to use.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist is very luxurious and classy which is made for those parents who love to match it with their lifestyles. An eye-catching carrier is worth the money for many.

It’s expensive for me, but I will say if you have the money and truly think it’s ideal for your life then go ahead. The carrier will also last for years with these quality fabrics.

You might save money in the long run.

What are your thoughts? Do the pros outweigh the cons or not? Let me know what you think of the price.

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Is it Worth Getting a Baby Carrier?

Is it worth getting a Baby Carrier? I am sure you read that question online soo many times and you yourself have asked that. Baby carriers or slings have existed for generations, so it’s something many people are familiar with.

You are wondering is it worth it for me though? Well, it can depend on you and your lifestyle. Baby carriers are very useful and would make life much easier.

However, if you want the best one you should do a throughout research and testing to see which one is the best.

In this article, I will be answering the question above based on my research and experience. Give you the reasons why baby carriers are worth buying, also mention certain cons.

With the information provided, you can balance, and see what the decision will be.

View This Example Of Reviews.

Why Baby Carriers are Worth Getting?

1. If You Love to Go Out for Strolls.

Taking daily strolls is something many parents do. When your baby is born you are excited to show them the world, and later on, when they are grown up having them outside the house is better.

Strollers are excellent, but sometimes strollers require a lot of energy to push, fold, carry, etc. Sometimes you are not in the mood to bring it with you because it’s large and difficult to navigate in some areas.

All of these reasons can be something you are thinking about often. It can even prevent you from leaving the house at times ( It did with me).

What’s the solution? Well, baby carriers will make things better. You can just take it out from the store and wear it. You can go many places without needing to feel there won’t be space for your family.

Sometimes with short strolls taking the stroller can be unnecessary so the carrier is there to make things easier. The benefits are many and the list goes on.

2. Creating Bond with Baby.

As a parent, you heard of the bond you need to have with your newborn by placing them on your chest. Many studies have been done and have proven to have such a positive effect on your growing baby.

A carrier or sling helps you create that bond. Always carrying your baby with your arms is not easy because you might have the less physical strength or your little one is a bit heavy.

Your body can handle the weight and wearing a carrier will help keep your little one closer at any given time.

Some quality carriers or slings have very comfortable fabrics and are made in a way to support development.  So, no need to worry in that area.

You don’t need to lose out on creating a bond with your baby just because of some reason. Baby carriers will help you a lot and this is why it’s worth buying for some.

Read more on this topic here.

3  Helps with Doing Daily Tasks.

Do you find it some days it’s hard to do some simple task because of you crying your baby? Well, I have personally come across that and I wish I had some kind of solution.

You can carry your baby with the carrier when you are cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, etc. If your baby is not chubby this will be easy.

This way you will do your tasks in time and have time for other things. Although it should not be used all the time because your child might get too used to it.

However, using this method from time to time won’t hurt a bit.

4. Helps Put Baby to Sleep.

I have used carriers to put my baby to sleep. If you have a baby who is cranky and won’t sleep at night, this can be hard on you.

Using your hands to rock them can be tiring and even hurt you if you do it for some period. Wear the carrier and put your baby in it. Walking around the house or room will make them sleep.

This method might not work for everyone but it did with me. Besides, when using the carrier your little one is more likely to stay in a more comfortable position.

5. Travelling Gets Easier.

I remember some years ago I travelled with my then baby to visit a relative. This trip included transit and I had heavy baggage (As a piece of advice don’t travel alone with a baby and have heavy baggage).

I used my baby carrier to help carry my baby and pushed the baggage, and I remember thinking what would I have done if I didn’t have this.

My carrier helped me a lot and compared to past trips I did without a carrier, which was a nightmare. Whether you are travelling alone or with a partner, you need to have something to wear for your baby.

Using airport stroller rentals won’t help out that much. When boarding those are taken away and they are limited. If you are alone and bring your own stroller that’s worst.

You will need to fold it on your own. There are pros to bringing strollers of course, but it’s just in some situations carriers are better.

This is worth considering if you travel a lot.

6. If You Have More Children (Cheaper Than Strollers).

If you are having another child then buying double strollers is something many would consider. However, that’s not always necessary.

You can buy a carrier and stroller boards. Buying carriers means you will carry your baby while your toddler uses the stroller. This will save you money.

If you are on a tight budget this will help and at the same time, you will bond with your little one. With buying double strollers some problems might come with it as well.

The space, public transport travel, etc. It depends on your lifestyle. What’s easier for you to do?

If you are worried about using the carrier for a period of time, then no need to. Carriers can be used for up to 5 years and really quality ones have very good features as mentioned above.

View This Example Of Reviews.

Cons with Baby Carriers.

1. Someone Who Has Back Problems.

If you have a problem with your back baby carriers you are not really advised to wear them. In some situations, it can make it worst and you might hurt yourself.

Although it’s good to ask your doctor and see. It also depends on the carrier you have.

2. Some Might be too Bulky.

If you are planning on buying a baby carrier then you should know some are very bulky. So, it won’t be easy to store in any place. This is however just a minor con.

3. Risk for Your Baby’s Hip/Spine Not Developing Properly.

This is a risk for low budget carriers that you buy in the supermarkets. Some more pricey carriers can have the same issue, but not that common.

It also depends on how you place your child. Fewer quality carriers are more likely to have this bad performance. So, it’s good to be aware of it.

4. There’s a bit of Truth in the Mith; Baby Carriers Make Babies Too Clingy.

There’s some truth in this. It’s not always the case with some babies but for others it’s true. Carrying a baby all the time can cause that baby to be too attached

Being a mother I have experienced these two types of babies. Using carriers to always carry your baby can make them too comfortable and if taken away from it they can cry or be cranky.

So, it’s not all false.

5. Placing Your Baby In.

With how some carriers are designed it’s a bit difficult to place your baby in the carrier by yourself. This happens even for top quality carriers.

One of the most complaints many parents reviewers make. Although with a bit of practice you get more used to it. This can be a minor con or a major one.


There’s much to consider when buying a carrier as well. Some parents don’t consider it to be important, but if you take your time to do some research you will end up buying a good long-lasting carrier.

You should treat it the same as when buying a stroller. Baby carriers are definitely worth the money for many lifestyles.

It might not be for all which is the case with some baby products, but it has a positive effect on you and your little one.

So, is it worth getting a Baby Carrier? Well, yes in most cases. I find the cons to be a few. As with any product the cons are there, but for some, the pros outline the cons.

What are your thoughts? Will you get a carrier and will you advise relatives to get one?

View This Review.

Tula Free To Grow Review.

Tula is a brand created by two partners who wanted to help make things easier for any parent out there. Their baby carriers are known for lightweight and stylish looks.

In this article, I will review the Free To grow baby carrier which came out some time ago. Detail the pros and cons. What lifestyle the carrier is Suitable for and so on.

If you are looking for something comfortable then, this might be it.

This post has an affiliate link. See my Affiliate Disclosure.


Buy On Amazon.


  • Suitable from birth up to 20.5kg.
  • Ergonomic seating position (M position).
  • It has adjustable positions. 3 width and 2 height positions.
  • Breathable lightweight mesh fabrics.
  • Adjustable straps for neck and shoulder relief.
  • Two positions are available (back and front).
  • Comfortable leg pads.
  • Coordinate waist base and a removable hood included.
  • A large front pocket for personal items.

Tula Free To Grow Review.

Product: Free To Grow.

Price: £112.85.


  • The main seat panel width can be adjusted from 12.5cm to 38cm  (5 to 15 inches)
  • The height of the panel can be adjusted from 28cm to 43cm (11 to 17 inches)
  • The hip belt measures 12.5cm in height and 76cm in length with an additional strap length extending to 145cm (5″ high with waist belt 30″ extending to 57″)
  • Carrier weighs 0.8Kg (1.7lbs) and can be folded up small to fit in a bag.

From Tula.

Free To Grow Design and Style.

Baby Tula has been providing families with baby carriers for years now. The Free To Grow baby carrier is one of their popular carriers and for a good reason.

It takes you from birth up to toddlerhood. That’s from 3.2kg up to 20.4kg which is good. Around 4 years. Designed like most carriers the Free To Grow  offers you many features

It has an ergonomic style with the M positions, this makes your baby’s legs are crossed safely. It prevents them from hurting their hips and spine.

Also not to prevent any hip and spine development. So, to help you from birth up to 4 years you have the dimensions. With 3 width and 2 height positions, you position your baby or toddler in a way to make them comfortable.

Of course, the straps are there to make things easier as well. Soft and padded straps to make things easier for the parent. Adjust them to help with your neck and shoulders.

Another feature exists for the waist as well. To help lift that weight off your back. The Free To Grow is ventilated and very lightweight.

Makes it easier for your little one to breathe during hot days. With the weight, you bring it along anywhere and use it when in need. Toke it under the stroller, for a rainy day.

Your baby’s legs will of course be well taken care of. You have comfortable and soft leg pads to make it cosy and relaxing.

A hood for protection from the weather when not in need just remove it. You won’t have it bothering your little one

Tula Free To Grow carriers also offer one accessory which many carriers don’t have. A front pocket is available for you to use.

You can store anything there to help make the journey easier.

Free To Grow Positions and More.

You have only two positions with this carrier. The front-facing inward position and the back position. This carrier is not designed for outward carrying whether from the back or front

Your baby should use the back position when they are 12 months. At this age, they have strengthened all body parts to help them.

Other bonuses are included. The colours are many and made to match any environment you are in. These are two patterns or more colours.

Some of these are; Sleepy dust (which is my favourite), wander, Stumptown, Forever, Botanical, Storytail, Cityscape, etc. Visit Baby Tula’s site for info on all.

Your choices are unlimited. Then you have the cleaning part. You can use a washing machine, but Tula recommends for you not to clean it that often because it’s better to just wipe some parts when you can.

You also can breastfeed your baby when on the carrier. You will only need to position it in a way that makes both of you comfortable.


  • It’s expensive, so it might not be that affordable to everybody.
  • If you have back problems you should not wear this baby carrier according to some mum, it’s not that helpful.
  • It might take a little bit of time to master the carrier.

Tula Free To Grow Carrier vs Baby Bjorn Carrier One.

Some of the most famous brands to produce baby carriers. These are top competitors and their carriers look similar in design, mirroring the modern carriers.

I will do a short review between them to see if the Free To Grow carrier has high a spot in the market. Let’s first see the similarities between these two, and these are:

  • Both are suitable from birth up to toddlerhood.
  • Padded and thick shoulder straps.
  • Ergonomic position with M shape.
  • Comes in multiple colours.
  • Machine washable.
  • Hip friendly.
  • No need for a newborn insert.
  • Comes with a hood.


So, what differs is that Carrier One has 4 super good positions. It has eco-friendly fabrics and materials. It’s more padded for the winter.

It uses using cotton blend one of the best and you also wash it any amount you want. The hood is adjustable as well.

What makes the Free To Grow stand out is the multiple colours, cheaper price, suitability of up to 4 years, front pocket, removable hood and lighter weight.

So, which one is better. Well, if you only want to carry your baby inward and from your back, the Free To Grow is great and will save money.

If are only using it for your baby then recommend buying it. The Carrier One is still great and provides more positions, but it’s expensive and only up to 3 years.

It depends on the situation and such. In my view, the Yula carrier is better and offers more.


Tulas Free To Grow carrier is a carrier for many lifestyles and even the colours reflect that. You can use it for long strolls, short strolls, hiking, etc. The journeys are endless.

It’s expensive, but it does have features and style to make up for it. The lack of more positions can also be a put of but, if it’s for your baby these positions a the best.

You even enjoy it with your toddler.

Buy On Amazon.

Integra Baby Carrier Review.

Integra is a brand created by one mum who understood the importance of being able to carry your baby with ease. It’s an experienced mum who used her ideas to create quality carriers for babies up to toddlers.

In this review, I will be going over the three sizes of the Integra baby carrier. So it’s a review on all three. These carriers are eco friendly and are a bit unique in design compared to many carriers

I will be going over the pros and cons. Also, compare the Integra with another famous carrier. From birth up to 24kg of adventure, are you ready?

Buy On Integra.


Integra Baby Carrier Size One:

  • Suitable from birth up to 2 years.
  • Made with slimmer pads.
  • Short UK straps and longer straps. (Adjustable).
  • Soft and stylish buckles.
  • Ergonomic wearing.
  • Hood.
  • Crossed straps when front carrying and opposite when back carrying.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Hip support and elastic loops for storage.
  • Comes in multiple colours.

Integra Baby Carrier Size Two:

  • Suitable from 18 months up to 3.5 years.
  • Has different dimensions.
  • Comes in multiple colours.

Integra Baby Carrier Size Three:

  • Suitable from 3 years up to 5 years.
  • Has additional strap to suit smaller children
  • Comes in multiple colours.

Integra Baby Carrier Review.

Product: Integra baby carrier size 1, 2, 3.

Price: Size 1: £74.94. Size 2: £84.95. Size 3: £94.99.

Dimensions: Size 1: Panel W; 34.5cm, Panel H; 51cm. Size 2 and 3: Panel W; 41cm, Panel H; 56cm.

Integra Baby Carriers Style and Design.

When it comes to the style and design of the carriers is the same. The age suitability and size are the only known differences. From birth, your newborn is introduced to the Integra Size One carrier.

Your little one can use this for up to 2 years with adjustable straps included. The straps are made to accommodate any parent. There are short and normal straps

Short straps for parents who are a bit slim and normal straps for others  Which makes ideal for many. Different from other carriers the Integra has slimmer pads and is made with elastic loops.

The fabrics are a bit slimmer and the creator took inspiration from Mei Dai Carriers, which are ancient.

It does look similar to the carriers Africans have (reminds me of my childhood). Quite versatile and durable. Made with soft stylish buckles to keep you and your baby comfortable.

No need for that many straps. Ergonomic wearing which means it’s smooth and comfortable for all. You also have a hood to protect your baby from the sun.

Integra baby carrier is lightweight and very compact. You can store it almost anywhere. Integrated with hip support for help with hip development.

Size 2 is for your 18 months year-old baby up to 3 years. The size different dimensions are like the Size 3. Size 3 comes with straps for you to adjust for smaller children

Suitable from 3 to 5 year years that’s around 24kg.

Integra Baby Carriers Positions and Colours.

This baby carrier only has two positions. You have front carrying and back carrying. The front carrying has crossed straps and the latter opposite.

For the inward front carrying it’s for newborns up to 1 year. An outward carrying is mostly from 5 months. Around 12 months your baby can use the back carrying option.

In this stage, they can fully support themselves. The baby carriers are available in soo many colours. It has one, two, three, etc pattern colours.

Almost all colours which make it suitable for all. You can visit the integra web page to see all the available colours.


  • The straps are not padded like the other carriers.
  • It does not offer the best cleaning option according to some.
  • The fabrics are also less padded so it’s not the best carrier for winter.
  • Only has two positions. Front and back.
  • It’s made from less stylish and quality fabrics compared to some baby carriers.
  • It has three separate sizes.
  • It takes a bit of practice to wear it by yourself.

Integra Baby Carrier vs Ergobaby Omni 360

These carriers are from different brands and have many differences but are loved by many parents. I will do a short comparison between these two.

How well will the Integra baby carrier do against this top-quality carrier? Well, let’s find out. First, the similarities these baby carriers share are:

  • Both are suitable from birth up to toddlerhood.
  • Both have forward and back faces.
  • Adjustable and durable straps.
  • Multiple colours.
  • A breastfeeding option is available.
  • Hood for protection from weather conditions.
  • Hip support.
  • Crossed straps.
  • Lightweight.


Looking at the Ergobaby Omni 360 you have more padded straps, materials and fabrics. It’s made for all seasons with ventilation included

It has 4 positions included the ones mentioned above. It has better fabrics and has been approved by experts to offer the best hip protection for your child.

It also comes with a pouch and a waist strap to help with your back. Moving on to the Integra carrier you have a cheaper price, short straps, has more colour options, is more lightweight and compact and lastly it’s suitable for up to 5 years.

Of course, the Omni 360 is better, but with the high price, some parents might go for the Integra carrier.

It still has good features for your baby and toddler, besides thousands of parents are buying it.


The Integra baby carrier is one of those carriers that are even suitable for your 5-year-old, which makes it quite valuable for many.

It uses ancient style and less padded fabrics but the carrier is still stylish, durable and safe. Loved by many. It’s made for your everyday lifestyle and will suit many.

The baby carrier is also much cheaper than many. Saves you money to buy other things.

What are your thoughts on this type of carrier? Would you go for the Integra Carrier?

Buy On Integra.

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