Is the Tula Lite Worth it?

Tula is a brand known for its multi-coloured carriers that are quality and some of them are affordable to many. One of their simpler carriers is the Tula Lite.

Is the Tula Lite worth it? If you are wondering if this carrier is the best option for your baby and lifestyle, then in this article I will discuss the pros and cons.

Tula Lite is different from Tula Explore and the Free To Grow in the sense that the features it offers are less in quality and differ a bit, but it’s still popular among some parents.

If you are new to babywearing it can be a bit challenging to figure out which carrier suits you the best. Reviews are a way of finding out.

Through my research and experience, I will try and make the decision easier.

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Is the Tula Lite Worth it? – Full Review.

Tula Lite Age Range and Seating Positions.

This carrier is made for infants that are from 3 to 4 months up to 18 months around 5.4kg up to 13.6kg. This means the Tula Lite is not from birth just in case you intend on buying it for this purpose.

Because the Lite carrier is not from birth it does not have a newborn insert and pillow. Tula Lite offers 2 seating positions which are face-in and back carrying.

You have only one buckle strap when you are placing your child in that position. Making it simple and not complicated. The same thing with the back carrying.

There are no adjustable positions which is the reason why it’s only suitable for these ages. The seating positions are made to suit your baby from 5.4kg up to 13.6kg.

From 1 year you are able to carry your baby in the back because they are stronger then. This of course differs from baby to baby. It can be sooner than this.

Tula Lite Design and Fabrics.

Compared to many other Tula carriers the Tula Lite does offer fewer features which are suitable for most, but the features are still good.

It has thin straps which are buckled at the back and these are not crossable which some will prefer or don’t mind. The buckles are a bit high up.

The straps can be adjustable to fit the one carrying them. According to a review, a read the straps are not really that tight on very small people but work wonders for average people and those that are plus size.

So, maybe from M to XXL. On both men and women. It’s best to check the dimensions and measurements.

The buckles and straps are small and meant to be light to keep the carrier as light as possible.

You also have a thinner withstand compared to other Tula carriers. Although what makes the waistband a bit unique from the others is that it has a big front pocket.

Big enough to carry, nappies, baby clothes, etc. Things that can be good to have on a short trip to the city or beach.

The waistband can be folded and when unfolded is wide. It’s also suitable for many but not all.

Tula Lite does have a hood which you can use to cover your baby when they are sleeping, again which is super helpful during summer.

Made with nylon which differs a bit from the cotton that most carriers are made of. It does have breathable mesh fabric which makes it comfortable during summer.

Tula Lite Breastfeeding and Care.

Because the Tula Lite does not have adjustments with the seating it can be a bit tricky to breastfeed your baby. Breastfeeding is something many think about when buying a carrier because parents are not always available to sit and do it.

Your baby might be too up for them to be comfortable and fed. Around 3 to 5 months depending on your baby’s height you might be able to breastfeed them. (Although this is only my presumption).

You can wash the Tula Lite using the washing machine with cold water and according to Tula no bleaching. Tumble drying is not good so you should just air dry it.

It’s not that thick so it won’t take that much time.

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Tula Lite Weight and Dimensions.

Tula Lite weighs about 1kg and has these dimensions of 28 x 28 x 14 cm.  It’s thinner than most Tula carriers and weighs less as well which makes it ideal for those who can’t carry that much weight.

It’s compact and can be folded to put in a bag. Excellent for travel and short trips.

Tula Lite Colours and Price.

Like all the Tula carriers it has many colours and they are multi-coloured, very fancy looking. (I personally like the colours Tula carriers have).

Many also prefer it and the colours are very matching. You have Beyond, Ocotillo, Astar, Slater and Discover. The Amazon main link will lead you to these colours. Check all of them out.

Although the Tula Lite is cheap compared to other Tula carriers is not really cheap for a carrier. It costs about £79.90. Compared to the Ergobaby Embrace it’s more expensive.

These are similar in the market, but the Ergobaby Embrace has face-out carrying instead of back and it has crossable straps. Although it’s suitable for up to 11kg plus.

It’s cheaper around £68. If you spend £1 more in most stores you will get the Babybjörn Mini which is suitable from newborn and has crossable straps as well.

Although it’s reported to be up to 12-18 months. Much lighter and has better fabrics. These two carriers lack the front pocket which the Tula Lite has.

So, depending on what you want maybe the price might be worth it.

Tula Lite Cons

  • Not suitable from newborn and one up to 18 months.
  • Does not have face-out carrying which many would want at this age.
  • According to a review, it can be difficult to fasten the carrier while using the back carrying and the minimum tight option on the straps won’t fit small size parents.
  • It does not offer crossable straps which for some is much more comfortable.
  • Not that padded around the whole carrier which means during winter it can get cold.
  • Tula Lite is “One Size” meant to fit certain sizes. Mostly favourable to standard and plus-size people.
  • This carrier is meant for some summer or warmer climates, and also to be used for less than one hour because of its design.
  • The price can be high if you are only using it for travel. There are much cheaper carriers out there for that. See the Boba Air on Amazon.

So, is the Tula Lite Worth it?

Well, if you travel a lot or make short trips a lot then the Tula Lite is perfect. If you also intend to use it at home when cleaning or putting your child to sleep then why not?

It has a big very pocket in the front which can be very useful. You don’t always have to bring a pouch or bag with you for your small essentials things.

Weekly grocery shopping will be much easier. I would advise you to buy another carrier if you want to use a carrier all the time and for all of your baby’s stages.

It’s also important that you and your baby are comfortable. The Tula Lite won’t be that good for those suffering backache and such.

The Infantino Flip costs about £30.99 and it’s better than the Tula Lite for longer usage. What do you think?

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