Is the Nuna Cudl Worth it?

Nuna is a Dutch brand known for their quality baby products mostly their strollers, but they are also starting to manufacture baby carriers.

Is the Nuna Cudl worth it? Considering how popular the carrier is in the market this is the question I have seen asked by parents.

The Nuna Cudl is known for its expensive price, top quality fabrics and innovative buckles. It does have a lot of features and the quality many are looking for.

I will try answering the question by going over pros and cons.

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Is the Nuna Cudl Worth it? – Full Review.

Nuna Cudl Age Range.

This carrier is what most parents who use carriers very often either at home or outside will love to have. The reason for that is the carrier is suitable from birth up to toddlerhood.

This is from 3.2kg up to 15kg or above which is around 3 years of age. So your little one will be comfortable using the carrier until they grow up and start to run around.

Nuna also made sure to include an integrated infant booster for small babies which are under 4 months of age. This means they will be close and near to you enough to kiss them on the head.

Passing the TICK rules ( Rules made to ensure babies safety). Your baby is able to sit comfortably so they can sleep better and not be in discomfort.

Nuna Cudl Seating Positions.

Because of the age range the Nuna Cudl carrier has all four seating positions. Which are the facing in, facing out, hip carrying and back carrying.

All of the seating positions offer ergonomic positions meaning your child will seat in a way to help with their spine and hip development or at least not prevent any development.

It’s “hip healthy” according to the hip Dysplasia Institute. Making it already guaranteed by the experts.

When seated they are in an M position which again, it’s the best position for your child at any given age. The facing in position is for newborns up to 5 months.

Then you have the face out position high is from 5 months up to 3 years. From 18 months you can use the hip and back carrying up to 3 years.

At 18 months your child is much stronger, but this can be less or more depending on your little one’s development.

Nuna Cudl Design and Style.

Let’s first mention the 4 magnetic buckles that a dad highly praised when I read his review. The magnetic buckles are quite new and not that common when it comes to carriers.

It’s easy and fast to attach which means no wasting of time. When attached you can easily wear the carriers and then have your child in without any struggle.

Something that can be a bit of a struggle with other carriers. You also have dangling plastic materials when seated which can be quite irritating if you ask me about it. (This the Cudl does not have).

You have padded and comfortable shoulder straps that make it easy to even out the weight of your child. What also helps is the waistband.

Which according to the dad is of great help. You can both adjust the waitband the straps to make them connected and secure.

This of course helps the parents and child. There’s a pocket or pouch designed into it for you to carry keys or your phone.

Taking a quick stroll to the store or for a quick visit to some other places will be easier. The zipper is covered so that it won’t hurt your baby’s fragile skin.

Made with certified Oeko tex fabric. It’s a cotton and a mesh fabric made carrier that makes it breathable to be around.

Because of the fabrics, your little one can breathe at ease even during summer. It also helps the one carrying it. You can have fresh air coming in and out for you not to sweat.

You also have a head support for your little one, which of course can be removed when your little one grows up.

Nuna Cudl is a very durable amd robust carrier according to the reviews. It’s thick and comfortable for the baby. With proper care it can last for all of your kids just like quality strollers.

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Nuna Cudl Care and Breastfeeding.

The Cudl is 100% washable in the washing machine. You can also remove the head support and the infant insert to wash them separately.

Just like any carrier its better to wash it separately from clothes with cold water and mild soap. I would recommend air drying it (See more details on Nuna sites about other drying options).

Washing it from time to time will keep it fresh and new to last for a while. Yes, you can breastfeed while using the Nuna Cudl. With the available positions and adjustments, you can secure your baby in a good position to breastfeed them.

Of course it’s easier when seated.

Nuna Cudl Weight, Dimensions and Sizing.

The dimensions are L 33cm × W 34cm × H 48cm. It weighs about 1.1kg which makes it one of the heaviest carriers in the market.

That’s not a surprise considering the materials and fabrics it has. Nuna Cudl is designed to be used by many. It does have the adjustable waistband and shoulder straps to make it possible.

It’s made to fit most sizes.

Nuna Cudl Colours and Price.

For some parents colours of their baby products do matter as well. The Cudl does offer bright and dark colours. You have light and dark grey, black, blue (denim) and green colour.

These are not much but they are the most common colours and the colours match many outfits. A new Nuna Cudl cost about £149 to £150.

You can always buy second on eBay, but of course, they are older and probably had been used a lot. The price is pretty high if you compare it to similar baby carriers in the market.

The Ergobaby Omni 360 costs about £130 to £139 in most stores. It’s a bit cheaper and these have almost the same quality.

Nuna Cudl Cons.

  • Heavy, thick and big. Can be a bit challenging to carry. According to the dad, it can be hard to carry it for more than 2 hours maximum. If you also consider your baby’s weight it might be less.
  • Expensive. As mentioned above it’s quite a lot for a carrier. Therefore you should only buy this carrier if you are going to use it frequently. Of course if you have the money and want a quality carrier whether you will be using it a lot or not, then go for it. We all have different needs and lifestyles.
  • According to the dad the magnetic buckles are a bit tricky to detach. It requires both hands. You need to push a button and pull the carrier at the same time. With practice it does get better according to him.
  • Although this is not a major con but can be for some, which is the colours. Some would prefer more patterns or more colour options.
  • Theres also the possibility that you might not be able to use the Nuna Cudl which is for all carriers. This can be many reasons. Measure or call the manufacturers for more information.

So, is the Nuna Cudl Worth it?

What do you think? I would say if you are going to use the carrier a lot then yes it’s definitely worth it. It’s an all seasonal carrier thanks to the mesh fabric.

It’s also has pockets and so many other beneficial features I just pointed out above. If you will not be using it regularly then buy a much cheaper one.

There are other carriers out there which are quite good. Tula Free To Grow and Beco 8 are examples.

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