Is the Infantino Flip Carrier Ergonomic?

One of the most searched carriers in the market is the Infantino Flip carrier. So many tend to ask the above question which is important if you are going to use the carrier for your little one.

Is the Infantino Flip Carrier Ergonomic? As we all may know an Ergonomic carrier is good to have for your baby’s spine and hip development.

For them to sit in an M shape. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute also approves carriers that are only hip safe.

This article will answer the question and also state other features the Infantino Flip has. To help you determine if you want to buy the carrier or not.

Note this review is for the Infantino Flip Advance.

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Is the Infantino Flip Carrier Ergonomic?

Yes, the carrier is ergonomic which as stated above means your baby is positioned in an M shape. This means the carrier won’t hinder their spine and hip development.

Mostly the hip. Whichever position your baby is facing the seat is ergonomic and this is more important for younger baby’s who grow rapidly.

Infantino Flip Other Features and Benefits.

Infantino Flip Range and Seat Positions.

Other things that make the Infantino Flip great are the two factors above. This carrier is designed for newborns and smaller children.

It’s from 3.6kg up to 14.5kg which is around 2 and half years or 3 years depending on your child. Making it better than the Baby Björn Mini Carrier which is less than that.

You have 4 positions which makes it also better than the Babybjörn Carrier. The face in, out, and back carrying positions.

From 5 months your child can use the face-out position before that the face-in is best suited. The face in has two positions because the first one is more suited for newborns up to maybe 2 months.

Afterwards, you can adjust a bit for older babies.

From 18 months your child is able to use the back carrying position.

The seat has 2 adjustable positions to fit your growing baby.

InfantinoFlip Design and Style.

Infantino has not that thick shoulder straps and waistband. These are adjustable to suit many sizes and of course, your child while they grow up.

Because of the fabrics, it’s a suitable carrier for many seasons.  Made with quality fabrics which are washable using the washing machine.

Air drying the carrier would make it last longer. You have a 2 in 1 bib to keep the carrier clean. You won’t need to bring a bib for your child.

Infantino Flip Weight and Dimensions.

25.4 x 25.4 x 10.16 cm are the dimensions and it weighs 0.6kg which makes it very lightweight and compact just the Babybjörn Mini Carrier.

You can store it in your backpack or the basket underneath your child’s buggy and take it out whenever you need it.

Infantino Flip Colours and Price.

You have black, dark and light grey. The most common colour is grey. These are colours which are compatible with many colours if not all.

Considering the features It has the Infantino Flip is very cheap compared to again the Babybjörn Mini and even the Ergobaby Embrace carrier.

It costs between £35 and £30. The others cost £68 and £69. Almost £38 to £39 more. So this is a winner for those who are looking for simple and cheap carriers.

If you won’t be using the carrier too much then again this one is perfect.

Infantino Flip Cons.

  • Lacks more breathable mesh fabrics. This comes with the update.
  • Does not have a pouch or pockets.
  • Few colours.


Although the Infantino Flip does not have the best fabrics and such it does have many good things and besides, it’s cheap.

As stated above it’s definitely for those who want something simple and cheap, yet packed with the many features.

If you are not going to be using the carrier that much then buying this is wiser. I would personally buy this type of carrier because it suits my lifestyle.

The one I have now it’s almost the same. From Mothercare. What will it be? Now that you found out the Infantino Flip Carrier is Ergonomic will you buy it?

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