Is the Artipoppe Carrier Worth It?

Were you browsing through the web and came across the Artipoppe carrier? Wondering if it’s worth buying or not. It’s a question we all ask when buying an expensive product.

Through the research I have done I will go over the pros and cons to help you find out if the Artipoppe carrier is worth it or not. You will also get a link to where you can buy it.

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Artipoppe Carrier Pros.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist is Easy to Use From Birth.

The Artipoppe carrier is easy to use from birth around 3.2kg up to 20kg which is around 4 years. This age range depends on your toddler.

According to the manufacturers is a carrier that’s easy to use, durable and safe for your little one. You can put your baby in the front to make it safe.

The backside is for your 12 months old baby up to 4 years.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist  Design and Style.

It has padded and soft crossable shoulder straps that are also adjustable. It’s meant to take some weight off your shoulders.

A waistband is included to help lift that weight from your back. A waistband makes the carrier more secure as well.

An adjustable neck cushioned to help support your baby’s neck and head. Instruction brochures are found in every Artipoppe Zeitgeist carrier to make things easier for the parent.

It has 4 adjustable positions to help when the baby is growing up. Soft and cosy leg opening to make your little one comfortable while on the carrier.

It’s made for colder climates and got inspiration from animals, nature and humans. So it will be a good fit for many lifestyles.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist also offers the ability to breastfeed your baby while on it. Available in soo many colours.

Some examples are Yin Yang, Ying Yang 1970, Baby Tweed, Baby Tweed BW, Baby Argos Oat, Baby Arrow Zorro, etc. Visit the Artipoppe site to see all colours.

It’s a high top quality carrier that’s made to match your outfit, environment and accessories. (Confirmed by a mum reviewer.

More Artipoppe Zeitgeist Product Details.

  • Jacquard woven fabric
  • Metal with gold finish logo buttons
  • Embroidered peacock feather logo label
  • Black safety buttons
  • Elastic safety loops
  • Storage loops to cover excess strap lengths
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Handwash.

Artipoppe Carrier Cons.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist Expensive Price.

This carrier is very expensive which is a put off some mums. The cheapest is around £273 up to £800. Which is a lot for a carrier. This is the biggest con with this carrier.

If you don’t use the carrier all the time, and only a few times then is not worth the money. I recommend you only buy it if you always use the carrier

Artipoppe Zeitgeist Size.

The manufacturers have placed the maximum size to be around 2 years. So, maybe for some toddlers, it’s up to that age. This can be a con for some parents.

Some might want to use it up to 4 years and depending on your toddler it can impossible.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist is Made for Cold Climates.

Living in the west this is a good thing, but of course, we have summer so it will be a bit tuff using it. You and your baby will be sweaty during summer days (It’s the same with all padded carriers).

Considering the materials and fabrics it has some days you might not be able to wear it. Other than it’s perfect for other seasons.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist is Not Machine Washable.

As mentioned above, you can only do hand wash. Might not be an option for everyone so this is also a good thing to consider when buying it.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist Has Only Two Positions.

The carrier doesn’t seem to have the outward carrying and side carrying position. So the positions are only two which some parents will find unattractive.

The more positions for many. Considering it’s only up to 2 years according to manufacturers this might not be that big of a concern.


I was reading a review a mum did on this carrier, she said although it’s expensive it’s truly worth it. It was the best carrier she ever had. It was comfortable and easy to use.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist is very luxurious and classy which is made for those parents who love to match it with their lifestyles. An eye-catching carrier is worth the money for many.

It’s expensive for me, but I will say if you have the money and truly think it’s ideal for your life then go ahead. The carrier will also last for years with these quality fabrics.

You might save money in the long run.

What are your thoughts? Do the pros outweigh the cons or not? Let me know what you think of the price.

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  1. I have definitely noticed the artipoppe carrier and have been wondering if it would be a worthwhile purchase for me. I am not against spending more for a product if it provides great quality and also has a nice aesthetic. I like that it’s easy to use and seems to get good reviews from real-life users of the product. I think this might be worth the investment in the top quality and design. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Aly. It’s indeed a good carrier. If you have the money and you will be using it multiple times in the week then its a great value.

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