Is Joie Savvy Carrier Worth it?

Joie has been known for years to provide baby products, especially strollers but they recently started manufacturing baby carriers.

Their first is the Joie Savvy carrier. It’s one of the top carriers in the market and has many similarities to the Nuna Cudl. Is the Joie Savvy carrier worth it?

By going over the pros and cons answering this question will be much clearer.

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Is Joie Savvy Carrier Worth it? – Full Review.

Joie Savvy Carrier Age Range.

Unlike some other top quality carriers, the Savvy is in fact suitable for your little one. From newborn up to around 3 years and even more.

That would be from 3.2kg up to 15kg or more. For this carrier, it’s from 3.5kg up to 16kg.

According to Joie, the carrier is designed to carry newborns up to your toddler grows up making it an ideal carrier for those who frequently use carriers or plan to do so.

This also means you won’t need to buy another one before or after. Making last to be used on future kids.

Joie Savvy Carrier Seating Positions.

Because of the age range maybe you can also guess that this carrier is a 4 in 1 carrier. Which means it has all four positions.

These are the face in, out, hip carrying and back carrying as well. The face-in position it’s from newborn up to 5 months. Then you have the face out position which is from 5 months upwards.

Then you have the hip and back carrying which are usually from 18 months up to 16kg. At that age, your little one is sturdier sitting in those positions and they are more comfortable as well.

Joie Savvy Carrier Design and Style.

As mentioned above it’s very similar to the Nuna Cudl when it comes to its design. Just like that one the Savvy carrier has auto click magnetic buckles.

These do not make that much noise and are easy to attach. The fabrics are breathable because of the mesh fabrics and silky cotton fabric.

You have thick shoulder straps which are adjustable, and the Waistband makes carrying your baby easier. With the adjustment, it makes it possible to distribute the weight.

Which prevents back acne and also prevents you from injuring your shoulders. The cotton is good for your baby’s delicate skin making them comfortable.

A windshield to keep the carrier from getting too cold and keep the baby warm. An all-season carrier because of the features it has.

The Savvy carrier has two accessories which are the bib and head support. These are removable and easy to clean. It’s all added to make your small child comfortable.

Joie Savvy supports your baby’s C-shape spine and lets it develop. While seated your little one it’s in an M shape which supports not only the spine but the hip.

It’s “hip safe” according to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, which means experts approve of this carrier to be among the best.

The carrier is less thick on the straps than the other top carriers which makes it a bit lighter and easier to carry.

Joie Savvy Carrier Fitting Size, Breastfeeding and Care.

With the different adjustments, the Joie Savvy is compatible with many sizes. The shoulder straps also make it easy for many to use it

It even outs and glides easily on your shoulders. The waistband also plays a big role in making it easy for parents to use it. From women XS to men 2XL.

How about wearing it?

You can wear the carrier on your own without any help. Making it easy to go out without needing to wear it at home. It’s also easy to bring it along where ever you go

You might also wonder if it’s possible to breastfeed? The answer is yes, because of the amazing features making it possible.

The Nuna Cudl allows you to breastfeed and this one is just like it so this is possible.

It’s a washing machine washable with mild soap and cold water just like most carriers. Wash it separately and air dry it which I personally think it’s safer.

With proper care, the Joie Savvy will last for years.

Joie Savvy Carrier Weight and Dimensions.

These are dimensions W 35-76 x L 61-91cm and the weight is 0.97kg. This makes it much lighter than the Nuna Cudl. Also a bit lighter than the Ergobaby Omni 360 and Baby Björn Carrier One.

It’s light enough to carry with you and it is also quite compact.

Joie Savvy Carrier Colours and Price.

Joie Savvy has the standard colours many carriers have which are black, blue and grey. Then you have yellow and green which is not that common for some carriers.

The price is also quite good for this kind of quality carrier. It’s about £100 which does differ from the Nuna Cudl which is £150. The carrier is quite new, but if you want it cheaper second-hand retail stores like eBay can be an option.

Joie Savvy Carrier Cons.

  • Although cheaper than other carriers it’s a bit pricey for others.
  • Does not have a pouch or pocket.
  • Limited colours. (You have way more colours if you buy the Omni 360 and Carrier One).
  • Not the lightest carrier, almost 1kg.

So, is the Joie Savvy Carrier Worth it?

If you are going to use the carrier for your everyday trips or chores at home then the Joie Savvy is definitely worth it considering the quality features and the much cheaper price.

If you buy it you won’t need another carrier, unlike some much cheaper carriers which are meant for up to 12 months or so.

It’s even worth it for those who won’t use it frequently because £100 is not something many parents would consider much when it comes to buying quality baby products.

Besides, you might not be using the carrier frequently now but perhaps in the future, you will.

What’s your view on the matter? Do you think you end up buying this carrier?

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