Is it Worth Getting a Baby Carrier?

Is it worth getting a Baby Carrier? I am sure you read that question online soo many times and you yourself have asked that. Baby carriers or slings have existed for generations, so it’s something many people are familiar with.

You are wondering is it worth it for me though? Well, it can depend on you and your lifestyle. Baby carriers are very useful and would make life much easier.

However, if you want the best one you should do a throughout research and testing to see which one is the best.

In this article, I will be answering the question above based on my research and experience. Give you the reasons why baby carriers are worth buying, also mention certain cons.

With the information provided, you can balance, and see what the decision will be.

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Why Baby Carriers are Worth Getting?

1. If You Love to Go Out for Strolls.

Taking daily strolls is something many parents do. When your baby is born you are excited to show them the world, and later on, when they are grown up having them outside the house is better.

Strollers are excellent, but sometimes strollers require a lot of energy to push, fold, carry, etc. Sometimes you are not in the mood to bring it with you because it’s large and difficult to navigate in some areas.

All of these reasons can be something you are thinking about often. It can even prevent you from leaving the house at times ( It did with me).

What’s the solution? Well, baby carriers will make things better. You can just take it out from the store and wear it. You can go many places without needing to feel there won’t be space for your family.

Sometimes with short strolls taking the stroller can be unnecessary so the carrier is there to make things easier. The benefits are many and the list goes on.

2. Creating Bond with Baby.

As a parent, you heard of the bond you need to have with your newborn by placing them on your chest. Many studies have been done and have proven to have such a positive effect on your growing baby.

A carrier or sling helps you create that bond. Always carrying your baby with your arms is not easy because you might have the less physical strength or your little one is a bit heavy.

Your body can handle the weight and wearing a carrier will help keep your little one closer at any given time.

Some quality carriers or slings have very comfortable fabrics and are made in a way to support development.  So, no need to worry in that area.

You don’t need to lose out on creating a bond with your baby just because of some reason. Baby carriers will help you a lot and this is why it’s worth buying for some.

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3  Helps with Doing Daily Tasks.

Do you find it some days it’s hard to do some simple task because of you crying your baby? Well, I have personally come across that and I wish I had some kind of solution.

You can carry your baby with the carrier when you are cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, etc. If your baby is not chubby this will be easy.

This way you will do your tasks in time and have time for other things. Although it should not be used all the time because your child might get too used to it.

However, using this method from time to time won’t hurt a bit.

4. Helps Put Baby to Sleep.

I have used carriers to put my baby to sleep. If you have a baby who is cranky and won’t sleep at night, this can be hard on you.

Using your hands to rock them can be tiring and even hurt you if you do it for some period. Wear the carrier and put your baby in it. Walking around the house or room will make them sleep.

This method might not work for everyone but it did with me. Besides, when using the carrier your little one is more likely to stay in a more comfortable position.

5. Travelling Gets Easier.

I remember some years ago I travelled with my then baby to visit a relative. This trip included transit and I had heavy baggage (As a piece of advice don’t travel alone with a baby and have heavy baggage).

I used my baby carrier to help carry my baby and pushed the baggage, and I remember thinking what would I have done if I didn’t have this.

My carrier helped me a lot and compared to past trips I did without a carrier, which was a nightmare. Whether you are travelling alone or with a partner, you need to have something to wear for your baby.

Using airport stroller rentals won’t help out that much. When boarding those are taken away and they are limited. If you are alone and bring your own stroller that’s worst.

You will need to fold it on your own. There are pros to bringing strollers of course, but it’s just in some situations carriers are better.

This is worth considering if you travel a lot.

6. If You Have More Children (Cheaper Than Strollers).

If you are having another child then buying double strollers is something many would consider. However, that’s not always necessary.

You can buy a carrier and stroller boards. Buying carriers means you will carry your baby while your toddler uses the stroller. This will save you money.

If you are on a tight budget this will help and at the same time, you will bond with your little one. With buying double strollers some problems might come with it as well.

The space, public transport travel, etc. It depends on your lifestyle. What’s easier for you to do?

If you are worried about using the carrier for a period of time, then no need to. Carriers can be used for up to 5 years and really quality ones have very good features as mentioned above.

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Cons with Baby Carriers.

1. Someone Who Has Back Problems.

If you have a problem with your back baby carriers you are not really advised to wear them. In some situations, it can make it worst and you might hurt yourself.

Although it’s good to ask your doctor and see. It also depends on the carrier you have.

2. Some Might be too Bulky.

If you are planning on buying a baby carrier then you should know some are very bulky. So, it won’t be easy to store in any place. This is however just a minor con.

3. Risk for Your Baby’s Hip/Spine Not Developing Properly.

This is a risk for low budget carriers that you buy in the supermarkets. Some more pricey carriers can have the same issue, but not that common.

It also depends on how you place your child. Fewer quality carriers are more likely to have this bad performance. So, it’s good to be aware of it.

4. There’s a bit of Truth in the Mith; Baby Carriers Make Babies Too Clingy.

There’s some truth in this. It’s not always the case with some babies but for others it’s true. Carrying a baby all the time can cause that baby to be too attached

Being a mother I have experienced these two types of babies. Using carriers to always carry your baby can make them too comfortable and if taken away from it they can cry or be cranky.

So, it’s not all false.

5. Placing Your Baby In.

With how some carriers are designed it’s a bit difficult to place your baby in the carrier by yourself. This happens even for top quality carriers.

One of the most complaints many parents reviewers make. Although with a bit of practice you get more used to it. This can be a minor con or a major one.


There’s much to consider when buying a carrier as well. Some parents don’t consider it to be important, but if you take your time to do some research you will end up buying a good long-lasting carrier.

You should treat it the same as when buying a stroller. Baby carriers are definitely worth the money for many lifestyles.

It might not be for all which is the case with some baby products, but it has a positive effect on you and your little one.

So, is it worth getting a Baby Carrier? Well, yes in most cases. I find the cons to be a few. As with any product the cons are there, but for some, the pros outline the cons.

What are your thoughts? Will you get a carrier and will you advise relatives to get one?

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  1. Thank you for this post, ‘Is it worth getting a baby carrier? My answer is yes! You managed to convince me. 

    Its more than just a baby carrier but plays a big role in creating a bond with the baby and for carrying the baby whenever there is need. Although I don’t have a baby I will not hesitate to advise my relatives to get one.

    Its good value for money with many benefits. 

    1. Hey. Happy to know. Baby carriers are great for many lifestyles and for some it’s even better than strollers. 

  2. Totally agree with Pros and Cons!!! Specially with the “if you have more kids after”…. I am a father of two boys, and I can give faith that it is super useful. Besides, as we live in a small department, we had to choose between stroller and carrier, and we ended up buying the carrier for the little space it requires.

    1. Hey John. Yes, strollers take up a lot of space which many can’t afford so baby carriers are there to make things easier.

      With multiple children you don’t always have to buy a stroller. How’s it going with the baby carrier?

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