Is Ergobaby Embrace Worth it?

Ergobaby is known for its quality carriers, stroller and other quality baby products. Although they are most known for their baby carriers and Embrace is one of these.

It’s more like a combination of a baby sling/wrap and a carrier, but it’s still the same. If you are planning on buying the Embrace carrier you are probably asking the question above.

What makes this sling or carrier good to make worth? Is my baby going to be comfortable in it and how long can I use it?

I will try to answer any doubts by reviewing the carrier and laying down all the descriptions, with the help of my research and my experience using baby carriers.

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Is Ergobaby Embrace Worth it?

Embrace Age Range.

As the name suggests the Embrace is meant for small babies and it’s meant for you to create a special bond with your little one at a very young age.

Therefore it’s suitable for newborns who can be anywhere from 3.2kg and up to 11.3kg which is around 12 months but can also be 13 to 14 months.

Your baby’s height and weight will determine if that would be the age at which your baby will stop using the Embrace. Is worth it though when other carriers can be up to 5 years?

It is because as the name suggests it’s meant for you to have closeness to your baby. A combination of the sling and standard carrier.

Besides this is the age when your baby would need you the most and you will always be able to carry them. Having an easy sling would help you do your tasks and then keep your baby close.

Embrace Seating Positions.

The Embrace only has front-facing positions as you can guess because of the age, but there are three positions, unlike some carriers.

It has an inward position, but the waistband should be folded twice so that the back of the carrier is shortened and the seat is narrow.

All this is to keep your newborn closer and to support their body. This position is used from 3.2kg up to 2 months. The weight depends on your little one.

After 2 months, you can unfold the waistband and have them sit in a normal face-in position. Which is up to 5 or 6 months.

Finally, you have the facing out option. Where your baby faces the world to have a worldly view which is an exciting period.

At this age, they can support their neck and head which makes them relax a bit.

You are probably wondering if the seating is safe well, it is. The Embrace like all Ergobaby carriers is ergonomic. Meaning when seated your baby is positioned in an M shape position.

Which according to experts is the best seating position your baby can take to help them with their hip and spine development. Well, at least not disrupt it.

Embrace Design.

According to many reviews given to parents who have used the carrier says that Ergobaby Embrace has an excellent design. It’s a combination of a sling and a carrier.

The straps are lightweight and will glide easily around your should when in the facing positions to help you embrace your baby even more.

That’s not available for the facing out positions because it’s not needed. It fits perfectly in general. Cross shoulder straps always help the parents use the carrier in a proper way which the Embrace offers.

You have three buckles to help you attach the Embrace carrier. It has a big buckle on the waist and then two small ones near the torso.

These are plastic buckles so they should be hidden away from children. According to a review, a read the buckles are some of the favourite things many parents love about this carrier.

When looking at the design you can also wonder if this carrier is designed for parents of all sizes.

Ergobaby is usually designed for XS to XXL parents, which means it’s for anyone. Both mum and dad.

Made from jersey fabrics just like the Ergobaby Mini. Oeko tex standard 100 certified fabric. It means the material is soft and comfortable. Easy to wash at 30 degrees with a washing machine.

I would recommend air drying it.

Embrace Carrier Wear.

You can either sit or stand when putting your baby in the carrier. The best thing is you can do it alone. Use one hand to hold the baby and the other hand to handle the carrier.

Depending on your baby’s height and your height it’s possible to breastfeed your little one but you will need to be in a sitting position.

The difference adjustment in the carrier can help hold your baby.

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Embrace Weight and Dimensions.

It’s an extremely lightweight carrier at 0.45kg and these are the dimensions ‎26.49 x 17.4 x 12.4 cm. This makes the carrier very lightweight and compact.

Easy to pack in your little one’s changing bag or store in a stroller basket. Bring it anywhere you are going in case you end up needing it.

This is also one of the reasons why Embrace is worth it for many.

Embrace Colours and Price.

When you buy the Ergobaby Embrace you also have the option to choose from more than one colour. In some cases, some carriers are only available in two or three colours.

The Embrace offers bright colours as well. You have pink, black, grey, blue, green and beige.  That’s 6 colours and you can choose if you want a dark or a bright colour.

Guess what? The price remains the same whichever colour you choose. Unlike some carriers, the price can change depending on the colour you choose.

It costs about £79. Compare to the Ergobaby Mini it’s much cheaper and these are almost the same. That costs about 80-95.

Embrace Cons.

  • According to one reviewer who has used the carrier when the shoulders straps are crossed it can slide a bit. It depends on your height.
  • The age range is short.
  • The plastics can become bubbly over time.
  • Mostly suited for summer, spring and autumn.
  • Slightly expensive when compared with other carriers in the market.
  • Only offers 6 colours, and some might want more options.
  • Although suitable for all sizes some parts of the carrier might be on the way according to the same parent.

So, is the Ergobaby Embrace Worth it?

What’s your answer to that? The only major cons I can think of after reading the details are the age range and the chance that the straps slide a bit.

Well, these are the most important ones. Other than that the Ergobaby Embrace is a very good combination of a sling and carrier to keep the baby comfortable

It’s a chance for you to Embrace your child closer and at the same time have the features the carriers offer. It’s simple, compact and soft.

Easy to handle according to many stats. So, I would say yes, it’s definitely worth it for many. However, just like any other baby product is not for everyone

Our lives and choices differ.

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