How Long Can You Use the Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier?

How long can you use the Baby Bjorn Mini carrier if you buy it? This is a question many tend to have in general for all baby carriers, but also because Baby Björn alongside Ergobaby offers the best carriers.

Are you planning on buying this quality carrier and want all the information before you do just that? Then in this article, I will go over the benefits and cons as well.

The most important answer to the question above is to help you figure out when you will need it and how long.

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How Long Can You Use the Baby Björn Mini Carrier?

Baby Björn Mini Carrier Age Range.

The Babybjörn Mini is suitable from newborn up to 11kg which is around 13 months plus for boys and 14 months plus for girls.

This will entirely depend on your little one because all babies and small infants are different in weight and height.

As you can see in the name It’s meant for your little one. For it to be the first carrier you will use to keep your baby close no matter your daily tasks.

It’s also a carrier designed for those parents who are only interested in having a carrier for their newborns or tiny babies.

Afterwards, your baby tends to get heavy and parents will have difficulty carrying their kids, especially those who experience backache.

So, the age is perfect and suitable for many outings or even at home.

Baby Björn Mini Carrier Features.

Mini Carrier Supports Ergonomic Position.

Being in an ergonomic position ensures that your baby’s hips and spine are not in danger which if they are can cause some great damage to their development.

Baby Björn Mini helps protect your baby’s back, neck and hips to have them in an ergonomic position. This is done by correctly adjusting the carrier.

Keep your little one comfortable and safe. You can feel your little one’s C position on their back by touching them. In this position, it guarantees they are safe and well seated.

Mini Carrier Facing Options.

You have two facing positions which are the face in and facing out positions. The facing in position is when your little one and you are facing face to face.

This is for newborns up to 5 months and it’s safer to keep their neck and head comfortably. You can also bond closer and feel them near you.

After 5 months you can switch to the face out position when your baby is a bit stronger and get to view the outside world.

Mini Carrier Design and Materials.

The Baby Björn Mini Carrier just like many carriers has two straps for your shoulders and then a body part. It’s made with double layers of extra-soft jersey material.

It’s a bit thick but not that much. Ideal carrier for fall (autumn), spring and summer. Its material is breathable. You can take out the front part of the carrier to keep your baby sleeping if you want to put them to bed.

With the new version, you have the new 3D Jersey material which of course is more comfortable. Baby Björn Mini Carrier is machine washable at 40 degrees and should be washed separately.

I would recommend air drying it later on which can take 1 day during summer. This way the Carrier last for years.

Weight and Dimensions.

Very compact and easy to store. Weighing only 0.48kg and these are the dimensions 43.5 x 1 x 57cm. Being one of the lightest carriers in the market.

A heavy carrier would be around 1.5kg. Carriers such as the Baby Björn One and Ergobaby Omni 360 weigh around 1kg so you can imagine this is a very lightweight carrier.

Perfect for those who don’t have space.

Mini Carrier Colours and Price.

Baby Björn Mini Carrier comes in many colours and you will love these. You have Light and dark grey, blue, beige, black, landscape print (black and white), dusty pink, leopard and beige, Indigo, etc.

There are more blue and grey colour patterns, dark leopard colour, one more pink shade and another beige colour. The link will direct you to view all the colours.

It’s 16 colours in total.

The price depends on the colour you choose, but it’s between £80 to £95. The dark grey cost about £95 but you also have the standard pink colour costing £80.

As you can see there are many options to choose from and £95 to £80 is not that much if you are getting a quality carrier.

Besides, when taken care of the Mini can last for years and you can use it for future kids.

Baby Björn Mini Carrier Cons.

  • Suitable only up to 11kg (Although meant for this age).
  • Only has two positions and both are forward-facing.
  • A bit pricey.
  • Does not come with a pouch.
  • Not the best carrier for winter.
  • Depending on the heat, the carrier can be a bit thick to wear. (These are just my thoughts).
  • It does not offer waist or back support like some carriers.


Are you Content with the age range of the Baby Björn Mini Carrier? It’s not ideal for everybody because some might want it to last longer.

However, as the name suggests it’s a smaller Carrier and it’s not designed to carry heavier babies. It’s still ideal for many and a quality carrier many would love to have.

It’s a bit pricey compared to other similar carriers, but it does have the features to make up for it.

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