How do You Use a Cybex Yema Tie?

Cybex is one of the best brands out there when it comes to baby products. They recently started to manufacturing baby carriers so they are not that known for producing them.

Although they have their famous Cybex Yema carrier. I’m sure you have heard of this carrier before that’s why you asked this question above.

This article is going to be short because I will only answer the question above. How do you use a Cybex Yema tie? Those parents who have the Yema, or want to buy it want to know exactly how to use it.

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How do You Use a Cybex Yema Tie?

So how do you tie the Cybex Yema? Well, first you have to wear the Yema by strapping the waistband and having the straps on your shoulders.

Put your baby in the middle in the correct position. Then what you will do is take the strap tails and place them behind you from above your shoulders. One to the right and the other to the left.

Crossed the straps on your back by taking the from left to right and opposite. Bring the straps in front of your tummy to tie them up.

Before doing this wrap the strap under your baby’s legs to secure it. Tie it twice and you can do a bow tie with the last one to keep it from being too bulky.

Cybex Yema has ergonomic seat so this means your baby is in a comfortable place for your baby’s hip and spine development.

No need to readjust your baby or be worried about how they sit as long you place them in the right position.


Was this article helpful in helping you understand how to best set up the Cybex or tie it? You also have hood protection which you can attach to the carrier or tuck away when not in use.

This is done after tying the Cybex Yema. Cybex Yema is suitable for newborns up to 2 years and an example of a similar carrier to it in terms of quality is the Nuna Cudl.

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