How do You Adjust the Babybjörn Harmony?

The Babybjörn Harmony carrier is one of many top carriers Babybjörn offers. Do you intend on buying this carrier or do you already have it?

A question such as “how do you adjust the Babybjörn harmony?” can come up a lot if you have the carrier or want to buy it. In this article, I will explain in a simple way how you can easily adjust the carrier after the research I have done it.

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How do You Adjust the Babybjörn Harmony?

Babybjörn Harmony Adjust for Baby.

You can adjust the Harmony carrier for you and your baby.

Adjust it so that your baby can feel more comfortable around their hips and legs. There are buttons and zips underneath.

You can unzip the fabric to loosen it up and to stop at that place use the button. You can do this with both facing options by yourself but with the back adjustment, someone needs to help you.

Unless you have very strong hands and your baby is not that heavy. (Although it can be a bit hard to see).

The zips must be placed from the knee cap to the knee cap so that your baby seats in an M shape which is the safest according to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

There’s a zip on a fabric inside the Babybjörn Harmony which you can zip and unzip so that your growing baby can fit in the carrier. It adjusts the length of the carrier.

Babybjörn Harmony Adjust for the Parent.

For the parent, guardian or person carrying the Babybjörn Harmony, you do of course have two adjustments. Which are the straps and waistband.

The straps should be down on your should blades and be the same width as your shoulders. In order to carry the carrier in a comfortable way and a safer way, this is the recommendation Babybjörn put out.

You do have buckles strapping the carrier these can also be adjusted depending on how wide your back is.

Having the straps on your shoulder blades will ensure your baby’s position is right in front as well.

It’s also essential you place straps in the right position on your shoulders which usually is in the middle to balance it.

Lastly, you have the waistband. After wearing it, clip the buckles behind your waist and this can also be adjusted to suit you.


Babybjörn Harmony has four positions which are the face in carrying for your baby, face in carrying for toddlers, face out carrying and then you have the back carrying.

It does not have a hip carrying position. This makes it suitable for newborns up to 3 years which is the standard age for many carriers.

With these simple adjustments with the help of the smooth buckles handling the Babybjörn Harmony carrier will be easy for many.

If you are new to babywearing it takes practice to be able to be comfortable with it. What do you think of the adjustments the Babybjörn Harmony offers?

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