Can You Use Ergobaby Aura Wrap with Newborn?

Are you inclined in buying baby wraps more than carriers? That’s because it feels more like an old fashion way to carry your baby.

For some, it can be even more comfortable. So wanting a quality baby wrap is also ideal. The Ergobaby Aura Wrap is some of the best in the market.

Ergobaby offers quality babywearing. Is it possible to use the Ergobaby Aura Wrap from newborn? I will answer the question in detail with more pros and also cons to give a bigger picture of this product.

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Can You Use Ergobaby Aura Wrap with Newborn?

The answer is yes. It’s meant for small babies. You can absolutely use it for your small child if they are at least 3.6kg which is about 8 pounds. That is the safest age and size according to medical recommendations.

Your little can use the wrap up to 11.3kg which is about 25 pounds. That’s around 12 months for some and above for others.

So, the Ergobaby Aura Wrap will last for some time and it’s precisely meant for that age. Meant to create a bond between you and your little one.

Ergobaby Aura Wrap Full Review.

Aura Wrap Design and Materials.

A Wrap differs from a normal standard carrier which usually has straps and buckles and is made of different materials. Wraps are not designed that way.

What is also separate is wraps are meant to only have forward positions. Aura Wrap is designed to keep your baby close and at the same time designed to keep your little one comfortable.

Its fabrics are 100% viscose made. Stretchy and easy to handle. It’s breathable and durable to last for years. Also designed with pockets to keep essentials close by.

Supports the M shape positions that kids at that age should have. The “International Hip Dysplasia Institute” states the Aura Wrap is hip safe.

Meaning it helps with your little one’s hip development or at least won’t hinder the development. Just like any other wrap, the materials are all the same.

You can adjust the shoulder and waist side of the fabrics to accommodate your growing baby.

Because of how close your little one is to you, you can breastfeed them while in the Aura wrap.

Aura Wrap Sizing and Care.

Aura Wrap is suitable for small, medium and bigger sizes. It’s one size fits most people which means you are comfortable using it. It’s important the one wearing the Wrap is comfortable as well.

It’s important to always research and know if it will suit you before buying. How can you preserve the Aura? Well, by washing it using a washing machine which is the easiest way.

Like all carriers or wraps, less strong soaps are better. Use cold water and according to Ergobaby don’t wash it with other clothes.

It can lead to damage using it with certain materials or fabrics.

Aura Wrap Dimensions and Weight.

It has these dimensions 20.3 x 4.6 x 20.3 cm. Which makes it extremely lightweight and easy to use. It also weighs under 1kg, around 0.5kg making it easy to store and carry anywhere.

Aura Wrap Colours and Price.

If you love to choose from a variety of colours then the Aura wrap offers just that. You have many colours which match many outfits and outings.

You have blue, blue with white dots, pink, grey, grey with white, turquoise, black with white dots, light green, copper (red/orange colour), light blue, light pink, mustard yellow, beige and black.

That’s 14 colours that I’m aware of.  It costs £49 at maximum in most stores. Making it cheaper than a baby carrier with the same features.

Like the Ergobaby Embrace and Baby Björn Mini which are around £79 to £95 but share almost the same benefits. It can be an easy option for those who are looking to save money.

Amazon has cheaper prices depending on the colours. From £39. See the main link.

Aura Wrap Cons.

It’s only suitable for up to 11.3kg. Although wraps are usually up to this age. It is also only for front-facing and most for face in than face out.

Wraps are a bit close and tighter than carriers, which means you won’t be able to perform some tasks because your baby is very close to you.

Depending on the length of the Aura wrap it might not fit all despite Ergobaby saying otherwise. Again, it’s important to measure and check.

Other than the Aura wrap is good to use. The price is good because compared to many wraps in the market it has a medium price. There are cheaper but also more expensive baby wraps.


On Ergobabys site the Aura wrap has a good score among many parents who have reviewed it. The majority reviewed it 5/5 which goes to say the wrap is good for many.

Wraps are not for all parents, but if you love to try them the Aura is simple and yet has many benefits. It also keeps the baby safe which some wraps won’t guarantee.

What will it be? Will you use the Ergobaby Aura Wrap with your newborn?

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