Can a 3 Month Old Use a Carrier?

You have probably heard or been hearing to wait until your baby is 6 months to have a carrier. Or at least that’s what you thought was the best age.

However, do you know that baby carriers, slings or wraps can be worn from newborn, as long your baby is 3kg? There are many benefits to babywearing at an early age.

In this article, I will over the question and answer some of the benefits. I will also recommend good baby carriers from birth.

Can a 3-Month-Old Use a Carrier?

The answer to this is yes. Just like the strollers it also depends on the product. Some carriers are suitable from birth and others not.

So, you can buy a comfortable carrier to use to carry your little one. As mentioned above it can be from birth as well as long they are within the age range.

Certain quality carriers are not meant for your 3 months old baby, but you can find all season carriers meant for your little one.

3-Month-Old Positions in Carrier.

You might also be wondering if I do decide to get a carrier for my small baby and what positions are available.

Because your little one is tiny and does not have full control over their neck and head, they have to be close to you.

So the face in position is the only one available for them. In certain carriers, there can be two positions within the face.

Where you have the waistband more folded and the seat narrowed to make your much smaller infants closer to you and give them full support.

You then unfold it a bit around 2 months, but your baby will still be close to you. The face in position is up to 5 or 6 months.

They later move on to the face out position. You also have hip carrying, but that’s again from 5 months.

Benefits in Babywearing for Your 3-Month-Old.

Continues Bonding.

If you use the carrier from birth then instantly you will develop a good bond with your little one and when they reach 3 months they will still be attached to you.

You should of course not always hold your baby, but put them to sleep, etc. Too much attachment can’t be good for some babies.

Baby Carriers Encourage Child Development.

Baby carriers are also meant to help with your child’s development. Well, most quality carriers are. So your child would be in an ergonomic position.

Sitting in an M shape position will help with their hips and spine development. It’s good to research and see what carriers offer the best ergonomic style.

Ergobaby it’s a brand that offers this on all of their carriers. Whether you use a big or small carrier.

Baby Carriers Helps with Doing Chores.

At 3 months your baby is quite tiny and needs a lot of your attention. You can’t always hold them with your hands so you will need a solution.

With a carrier, you would be able to carry your baby and maybe do laundry, wash the dishes, etc.

Remember you can’t do all chores and certain movements because your baby is still tiny and fragile. Certain chores would be also uncomfortable with carrying an infant.

An article from Ergobaby gives advice on what one should think about before buying a carrier and it also touches on some benefits.

Suitable Baby Carriers for a 3-Month-Old to Use.

I have reviewed and compared some of the carriers in the market and many of these are good, but not all are suitable for your 3-month-old.

Some of these are expensive and others are a bit in the middle. I will list a few that I think would really be great for your baby and you.

Let’s first do that with the Ergobaby Embrace and Baby Björn Mini. These are both suitable from birth up to around 11kg. Both support all facing options.

Quality materials with straps and buckles can be all washed in the washing machine. Click the links to view more.

Closer to these are the Beco 8, Gemini and the Integra baby carrier. These are a less known brand but do also provide excellent quality.

Beco 8 is more expensive out of all of these. You have Tula Free To Grow. that’s a bit cheaper than these but also good for your baby.

What makes the Tula Free To Grow more amazing is it’s suitable for up to 20kg, although some of the three offers are the same, but they are more expensive with the exception of the Beco Gemini.

It’s cheaper in certain colours.


What’s important is that you are comfortable wearing a carrier and that your baby enjoys it. There’s nothing wrong with trying it out and seeing it for yourself.

Baby carriers are indeed meant for babies of all ages. What is it going to be? Are you ready to buy one for your little infant and which one of the above will choose?

If you have more options, leave a comment down below. It would be nice to help broaden the choices.

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