About Me.

Hello there parents or guardians. Welcome to my newbornbabycarrier.com site. This will briefly be about me and why I decided to start this blog. I do hope the information will help you understand my site better.

Why Baby Carriers/Slings.

I am a mother and I have an interest in blogging which I have been doing for 19+ months now. I started blogging about baby strollers on this site: toppushchairs.com.

The site is there to help parents or guardians learn about strollers and which ones to buy. I am still on it and the site has attracted a lot of visitors.

Of course, being familiar with strollers is the reason why I chose to focus on baby carriages. Wanting to help in another field made me choose baby carriers.

I have used baby carriers before with my older daughter so I am used to it, and it’s not that many blogs that focus only on carriers/slings.

Having experience with it and the lack of sites or blogs on baby slings made it more interested.

Newbornbabycarrier.com is Here to Help Parents/Guardians.

Every parent you know uses strollers, but what about baby carriers? It’s not that used. I know a few parents who use it and it’s only for a short while.

Baby carriers/slings can actually replace strollers in many situations. When you have children of different ages. Instead of buying a second buggy, you use it. Plus it’s cheaper.

So, I want to help parents discover baby carriers and know the available ones. Have information on many carriers and how they can help you out.

Carriers have different price tags, whether you want cheap ones or expensive ones newbornbabycarrier.com is here to help you decide.

The Exact Reasons Why Newbornbabycarrier.com Was Created.

So, the reasons this site was created is mentioned above, and to help parents I decided to focus on reviews, comparisons and answer questions that are asked on the net.

Reviews and comparisons are for parents who are already familiar with baby carriers and want information about the products. It’s also there to make parents aware of the latest carriers/slings.

Help them decide to buy which suits their lifestyle. Answering the questions asked on the net will help parents gather more information about baby carriers.

I will do this through research and also through my own experience. Newbornbabycarrier.com will only focus on this which makes the site simple and easy to use.

Not complicated to use for anyone.¬† Now and then I will post lists on baby slings I think will suit certain lifestyles. For example, “Top 10 best toddler carriers”

This will narrow down your search and help you buy exactly what you need. I do hope with the information I provide you will be satisfied.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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