BEST Baby Carriers Review 2023 | Comparison of My Top Baby Carriers for Newborns and Toddlers

By | April 13, 2023

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, my name is Christine and in this video I am going to be walking you through all of my top baby carriers. These are gonna, be my absolute favorite tried and true baby carriers that I would use between zero months and 12 months so anywhere from like newborn phase six month old and then once they’re starting to walk around and they’re going into the toddler phase.

I want to show you all of my favorite carriers that I have used for both of my kids. I just officially survived two under two, so I have a two and a half year old and a one-year-old. So all of these carriers that I’m going to show you are ones that I either use for both kids or ones that I just discovered with my second baby, and I totally wish that I had the first time around.

I will be linking all of the baby carriers in the description below so at any point in time that you want to check these out or snag them for yourself make sure to check out the description and they will be there.

I am so glad that you’re watching this video, because if you are a mom or you’re expecting and you’re, trying to figure out like what baby carrier should I use do I need all of those things. I feel like it’s kind of hard to know ahead of time.

What’S going to be the most practical for you, so I know I love watching this video so make sure you hit like on this video, if you’re enjoying it and subscribe to my channel for more mob content, product reviews unboxing.

All of that, for each of the baby cares that I share with you today I’ll be sharing five things number one, the quick details on the carrier and why I love it so much number two. What the price point is for the product number three: what the weight and recommended age is for the product number four I’ll, be basing it on the length of time that you can actually use the product, because some you can use like in the newborn stage.

Some that you can use for longer period of time. I think that’s really important in terms of buying a product and then number five. I will show you how easy the carriers are to put on so I’ll be reading them kind of out of five like one to five.

If it’s easy and quick to put on or kind of takes, you a little bit to actually get it on and get baby situated, my goal of this video is hopefully to show you a few carriers that you might need right now that you need in the Future, maybe carriers that you’ve been curious about how they actually look on somebody’s review on them before you buy or before you add it to your registry.

So, let’s dive in my first top baby carrier is this Keababies all-in-one baby wrap carrier? I absolutely love this carrier so much specifically in that like early newborn when they’re so tiny and snuggly, and not all babies want to be set down.

So I feel like this is the perfect carrier to have in those early first few months with your baby. It really helps with like soothing and bonding. It is all one piece of fabric, so this is a giant gray piece of fabric that you do like wrap around your body.

I will show you how to do it, but the nice thing is that this is a one size fits-off. My husband has actually used this carrier too. So I love that it’s like stretchable and breathable. You can throw this in the wash if you get spit up on it, which you most likely will it also comes in a ton of colors.

So I just got the gray because I feel like it would match with anything. It was just basic, but it does come with some other fun colors as well. In terms of the price point I just checked on Amazon, this is only 27 right now.

It says the original price is 42. right now, it’s 27.. So, honestly, if you’re in the newborn phase right now, I’d highly recommend getting this. If you were somebody that wants to add it to your registry, I feel like this is a great gift that somebody could get for you.

I checked on what the weight requirements are. It says that the minimum wage should be seven pounds which I think is probably pretty soon for a lot of newborns and then it also said that the maximum weight is 35 pounds.

My two and a half year old toddler is 35 pounds and I could never see a world in which I would use this for him. That being said, in terms of the length of time that you actually use this product, I feel like it’s only for the first few months, everybody’s Comfort level, with baby carriers and the size of their baby is a little bit different.

For me, I tend to have babies that are on like the top end of the spectrum, so they are getting quite heavy and I like to have a little bit more structure and feel a little bit more secure. So the next couple characters that I show with you actually have a little bit more structure and have like a waist belt that I felt a little bit better about than just this wrap carrier.

But I know some people rock this for a really long time. In terms of putting this thing on and off, I remember that you do start with this on your chest like this, I think you like, wrap it around gosh.

It’S almost been a year now that I’ve used this, but you wrap it around something like this. You definitely make an X in your bag, so I know you definitely do something like this. This doesn’t feel right.

Maybe this goes under it’s something like this, and then you like do one of these just give it the quick idea, don’t not use this video for an instruction guide on how to put it on just want to give you the general idea of how it works.

Maybe I’ll goes in here it gets a little tough and snuggly. It can make it tighter by just tightening this up adjusting your shoulders. The product does come with, like a full picture, step-by-step instruction on how to put it on.

If I can follow it, you can follow it. I promise and you do get better at it with time. I would probably say this is like three out of five in terms of how easy it is to put on. I would definitely recommend this Keababies baby wrap carrier loved it for the newborn stage.

The second baby carry that I would recommend. Is this Lalabu Kerier? This is the new brand new carrier to me. Whenever I had my second baby, I started using it around the four to five months, but it is that perfect in between between, like the wrap carrier that I previously mentioned, and more of a structured carrier.

So I think the way that they actually describe it on their website is it’s a structured carrier with that wrap comfort, so the one that I’ll show you after this is more of the traditional structured carrier.

But I wanted like the feel of this wrap carrier, but with more support, if that makes sense. So whenever my baby started getting a little bit bigger, I was like I just need like more support in that hip.

Lumbar area where I felt like I like had to hit my shoulders felt a little bit more supported, and that is where this carrier came in. So with this wrap, you basically have this belt support that you go like around your hips with and then everything else is just this like plush, I don’t know if this is cayenne or well.

I guess I could read it right here. It’S it says: the wrap is 68 polyester, 30 rayon 2 Spandex, and it is so nice all over. Just like feels so nice. I should also mention that you can totally throw this in the wash too so it doesn’t have like your traditional buckles.

It has this and then it has that one Buckle just around your waist. I also just love this color, I’m pretty sure this is the sage green color. They do also have a bunch of other colors, but, as you could tell like everything in my house, I feel like it’s like accented in like this, like greenish blue color.

So I love this one of the things I also liked about this carrier is that I just felt like it was great for your baby wearing beginners, because that’s probably how I would Define myself whenever I had my first child.

I just feel like I saw everybody else using carriers and just like crushing it, and I just felt so confused with like the wraps and the structures like what I’m supposed to use, and then this I just feel like is such a good in between.

It says that you can use this carrier starting at 13 pounds and going up to 28 pounds, so I probably got this care around like that four to five month time frame in terms of the price point – and this carries 129 on Amazon.

So it’s a little bit more expensive than the previous wrap carrier, but I will share with you how you use this for a longer period of time. I’M also pretty sure that I have a discount for the Lala blue carrier.

So if you were interested in this product and don’t want to snag it or put it like on your Amazon registry, if you want to go directly to their site, I will put my discount code in the description of this video.

I also just want to mention it said that you cannot use this carrier or the minimum weight requirements is 13 pounds before they’re actually 13 pounds. They do have another like Malibu product on their website.

I think they call it the dad shirt. It’S basically like a t-shirt and then there’s like a pouch in it that you can actually put your baby in it and help them feel secure and super close too. I thought those were super cool, but I didn’t even come across this brand until well.

After that time frame, so didn’t necessarily work out for me, but if you have a little one, I would totally recommend checking it out. Just like seemed like a really cool in terms of putting this on. I would give it four out of five in terms of how easy it is to put on.

I took this carrier with us whenever I went to my toddler’s gymnastics class, and I also had my baby with me, so I of course practiced putting it on before. I actually went out and about in the world it basically buckles right here.

I also like that. It reminds you in here it says 16 months and up this label faces you so with other characters. Sometimes I feel like it’s a little bit confusing like. Where do I start? This reminded me every time like okay, it faces me, so we put it here.

I Buckle it. You can tighten it back here if you need to as well, and then I still have this setup for when I was actually using it, but basically you put your arms through this little X. Your head goes through here.

You can stretch these over your shoulder. I felt like I had more support whenever I did that, but you don’t necessarily have to, and then baby just goes in here I should mention. I did all of the spacing in words.

So I took my baby. Have my baby facing me after I had my hands in this. I then just had to slip this over baby’s head and then over my head and again I practiced this at home before I ever went out and about, but I love that I felt so comfortable.

Actually going out with this, carry where previously with my first baby, I like never left the house with a carrier, and then they have these here that you can kind of tighten that tightens everything in the back.

So you kind of like get a feel for it, but I just felt like the carrier was so cute. Maybe it’s just me. I just felt like it was really cute. It was comfortable so again it’s that really really soft fabric kind of feeling like a wrap, but this belt just made me feel so so secure the baby was in here and nothing was gonna fall out because I actually had this Buckle in here.

I absolutely love the structure of it and I pretty much wore this until my baby started crawling and actually wanting to take it down a little bit more. I did use this outward facing as well, so maybe you can go forward and look outwards whenever they’re ready to like explore and look around, but for both of my kids I felt like as soon as they wanted to like look outwards.

Then I was like over this actual carrier phase, so I will show you what I use after these kind of traditional carriers that actually really helped me in the second half of their first year, but this lullaby carrier rocks so easy to take on take off.

I also just stored this so easily. You can just like you know, just roll it all up. I would just shove this in my diaper bag so anywhere that we went. I always like had it on me. If I needed it, it wasn’t bulky.

It was easy to whip out easy to put on highly highly recommend this carrier now it’s time for my third top baby carrier, and this is gonna – be your traditional structured carrier. We got this on our baby registry with baby number one.

This is the Ergobaby 360 all-in-one carrier. This is the one that I got because I was like you know what my husband will use this and I don’t know about you, but I wanted to have a carry that I felt like I could use.

My husband could use so the reason they call this. The 360 is because you can basically use this carrier for all the positions so inward outward. It also says you can use it like on your hip. I have never done that position and then on your back as well, and I have tried the back hair, but I feel like that’s too advanced for me, so I never virtually did the back, but it does go 360.

whenever I first got this eye that these Big hopes that we would use it like all the way around on our back hugging up mountains. But again that’s just like not me, it might be for you, so it does have the capability to do that.

We got the one that had like this breathable mesh, which don’t know if you can see here, there’s like mesh here on the inside and also in here. I don’t think it’s called like the performance one, but I feel like it was like the sweat licking material and we had my first baby in the middle of the summer.

He was born in July, so I felt like this was going to be really helpful in those hot months whenever we went out for a walk, so we could take him in this. The key parts that I love about this carrier is that it has that belt.

So it has the belt and also has this like harder material for additional hip and lumbar support, and then the shoulders are all filled with. I assume foam, so they are totally supported and padded. So it just feels like really good and secure, and you feel comfortable wearing it, especially when doing activities and having your hands sprayed.

One other thing I want to mention for why I like this carrier, so much is because after baby was inward facing, I felt like as soon as he wanted to be outward facing. This was the carrier for me because I just felt so much more supportive, especially as they got heavier, so it was really easy to put him in and like face that way.

So that’s what we use it I feel like the most for, but you can get this infant insert. So I busted this out of storage, basically an insert that you put on the inside it kind of snaps around, and you put it in here.

There’S all also like a little pillow in here, so baby actually sits on that it lifts them up a little bit higher whenever they’re super tiny, and we did use that a lot so, like I mentioned, I can use this.

My husband felt comfortable using this versus some of the wrap carriers that wouldn’t be necessarily his go-to, but this felt a little bit more supported and secure for him in terms of the price point.

This is 129 on Amazon in terms of the weight it says, minimum is 12 pounds. Maximum is 45 pounds. I assume most people doing the maximum are doing that. Like backpack on your back approach. We have really never done that, but this is a super secure carrier.

So I could see how you could do that for me personally, I feel like the length of time that you’re going to use this product is mainly between the three to 12 month period. This could be a product that you use straight out of the gate as soon as they reach that first minimum pound requirement through the entire first year of baby’s life.

If you don’t want to get any other carrier, this could just be a One-Stop shop for you and in terms of putting it on it is super easy. I would give this a 5 out of five for ease of putting it on I’m gonna put the infant insert down for a second I’m just going to show you how easy this is to put on you literally just Buckle it.

You can tighten it super easily right there. You put your shoulder straps on you, do one at a time, so you’ll put one on put baby in put the other one on and then in the back. I’Ll just show you here, but there’s a little clip that you put on.

I usually do it behind my back, but I’ll do it this way, just to show you now it’s all in baby is in there and then they also have straps here that you can tighten to make it even more secure, but it is on.

It is secure. The padding here is so nice. I just really like this carrier for doing anything out and about I love that my husband could use it. We took it on a walk. I have taken this to my toddler’s class, there’s just so much room in here.

So if you only need one carrier, I would recommend getting a structured carry. I feel, like the longevity and use of time is the best I’d, probably say one of the only downfalls. You can’t, as discreetly, carry this so I couldn’t easily put this in my diaper bag because it is more structured.

So that’s what really fold as easily and although it is padded and comfortable, it isn’t like that. Super soft, like cottony fabric material, that you get in the wraps, but honestly I really like this carrier and I’m really glad that we got it on our registry and now for my fourth and final top baby carrier.

Honestly, this is probably the one that I’m the most excited about. This is the tush baby hip seat carrier. I love this product so much. I feel like I Rave about it all the time so much so that I have a full video dedicated to it here.

On my YouTube channel, so if you’re watching this right now – and you want to know anything more about this touch baby – I go into all the details in my full unboxing and review video, but I was introduced to this product, probably whenever this second baby was around Six months old, this is actually a product that was on a shark tank and it’s a hip carrier.

So it does not have the structure of something going over your shoulders, maybe doesn’t just have to be facing inward or outward this actually goes right above your hips. So I’ll show you how you put it on, but basically baby just sits here and, as you can tell, you do, have to use an arm to hold him and support him.

It’S just here to give you extra support and not have all of that strain on your hips, where you always feel like you’re doing this whenever you’re holding baby or this you know what I’m talking about.

I feel like once my baby wanted to kind of start. Exploring a little bit wanted to get down and crawl. I had a hard time when I then had to hold him because he couldn’t walk yet. He still like needed me to carry him from place to place, especially when we were doing like activities.

So whenever we went to gym mastics class right over at the library for story time, I still need to pick him up and holding him on my hip after a while was. Was he really starting to hurt my back and then I found this tush baby hip carrier, and I was obsessed another reason why I actually like it in comparison to any of the other carriers that I showed today.

Is that it’s just this waistband and it has a ton of storage, so none of the other ones, I don’t think I’ve ever like actually use for storage, but on this one this has a pocket for a bottle. It has this pocket here that I typically need to put my phone or keys in it has another mesh pocket on the other side, and this part that’s actually the seat.

It has a full pocket in here that I just store a diaper in wipes in and there’s another pocket here, so whenever I’m using the tush baby. What I like is that I don’t actually have to carry my diaper bag with me.

This is all that I really need to store the essential things, we’re just like a quick trip to any of the places that I already mentioned in terms of the prices currently 85 on Amazon. It comes in a ton of colors and I actually have a discount code for this product as well.

So if you go directly to the Tush baby site and use my discount code, you can save money on this, which I totally think is awesome. You can start using this product whenever baby is at least eight pounds which is super early.

I had no idea that you could use this so early and it says that the maximum weight isn’t until they get to 45 pounds, although I’m typically not picking up. My two and a half year old toddler who’s around that 35 pound limit.

I did pick him up using this for that full review video I was talking about and he was Secure. He was on my hip and it definitely relieved a lot of pain and strain that I would have been putting on in my back in terms of the longevity for this product.

I didn’t have it super early, but I feel like you can use this for the entire first year baby’s life, the only downside is like I said you do have to like hold them to support them since there’s nothing else, except for this little seat.

That they’re sitting on so you don’t necessarily have two hands-free like you have with the other carriers, but you can definitely use this for a long period of time. Like I said, I’m still using it, my baby just turned one.

Now I have to show you how easy this is to put on. I would rate this product a five out of five in terms of how easy it is to use. I use this straight out of the car it has velcro here, so you velcro strap.

It then you Buckle it and you’re done so. You can use this on either side. I typically started on this side and then, if I want to switch it, I just do this and transfer maybe over to this side, but I literally can take this out of the trunk.

Put it on get baby out of the car seat, get my toddler out and we are off and about taking it off same thing, and I like that it actually collapses. Sometimes I just throw it in my trunk just like this, but if you want to it, does all wrap up.

There’S like this little closure here and it wraps up just like this. So if you have a baby that likes to be held a lot, but also wants to get down like my one-year-old now can walk definitely comes in handy all right.

So you have now seen all four of my top baby carrier recommendations from the wrap carrier to the structured carrier. I hope this helped give you an idea of the different types of carriers, what they are, what I love about them? What the price point is when you can actually use them in terms of the weight, the length of time that you’ll probably be able to get the most use out of it, and then how easy it is to get on and off, which I personally think is A really big deal, especially if you have other children just as a quick review.

We have the Kia babies, wrap carrier, the lalabu carrier, the Ergo Baby 360 and then the tush baby hip seat carrier. Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope that you enjoyed seeing my top baby carriers.

I showed you four different baby carriers in this video again. They are all Linked In the description below and if you have any carriers that I did not mention this video and that are tried and true and you love, let us know in the comment section below.

I hope this is a great resource for you to learn about different baby carriers, maybe hear from some other moms in the comments as well and I’ll be back here on my channel every single week, sharing with you a different motherhood, videos, baby products, toddler products, reviews Unboxing, home and family content, all the things right here on my channel so again hit like hit the Subscribe button.

If you want to see more of my videos – and I will see you guys back here very very soon – bye

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