Toddler Baby Carriers - How to use a baby carrier for older children

Toddler Baby Carriers – How to use a baby carrier for older children

How to use the original toddler carrier designed to carry older children weighing up to 60lbs.
00:00 What is a Toddler Baby Carrier?
00:12 Getting your Toddler Carrier ready to wear
00:30 Start at the Hip and move to Back
00:40 Adjusting the toddler seat, clips and straps
00:50 Checklist: Babywearing safely

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Hi there here’s how to use your Tula Toddler carrier and a back carrier the Toddler carrier is designed for an older Baby in this way in height range Before you get started get your carrier Ready You’ll want to start by putting the Waistband around you [Music] Click your carrier into place and pull On the webbing to tighten Center the Carrier and grab your little one pick Them up and rotate them onto your back Pull up the panel of the carrier to Support your child Great now gently bounce them into a Deeper suit snap the chest clip and Adjust you are almost done finish up With pulling the straps to tighten That said before you head out check for These visual cues that help with comfort Thanks for watching [Music]

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