How to use a Ring Sling in a Hip Carry position

How to use a Ring Sling in a Hip Carry position

How should you use a ring sling? There are so many ways to use a ring sling – hip carry, front carry, cradle carry, etc and the learning curve can be steep. In this video we’ll show you how and when to use a ring sling on your hip.

[Music] Here’s how to use your Tula ring sling In a hip carry please note the sling Weight range your sling will come ready To use but if needed thread your sling By passing the fabric through the Rings The size of the fabric Loop should have Enough room for you and baby let’s get Started hold the Rings in one hand with The fabric tail towards the shoulder You’ll rest your sling on now pass your Other arm through the loop and over your Head you’re going to place the Rings Just below your shoulder tap your Shoulder and spread the fabric wide here Comes your little one bring them to your Opposite shoulder and guide them gently Into the sling get baby in just the Right spot now adjust baby into a seated Position with the fabric from one knee To the other pull baby close as you Spread the fabric up here’s an important Step it’s helping to make baby a suit Finish up with tightening the fabric be Sure to pull the fabric in small Sections before you head out check for These three visual cues that will keep You comfy Thanks for watching [Music]

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