Toddler Carrier Instructional Video

Toddler Carrier Instructional Video

How to use your Tula Toddler Carrier: Front Carry

[Music] How to use your Tula toddler carrier Front carry Your Tula toddler carrier can be used From 25 to 60 pounds 11 to 27 kilograms And when your child is a minimum 32 Inches 82 centimeters tall before Putting your carrier on unbuckle the Chest clip and waist belt then loosen The webbing Secure the carrier around your waist Consider your child’s height when Choosing the optimal position for the Waist belt feed the male Buckle under The elastic strap and secure with an Audible click pull the webbing to Tighten the waist belt Check that the waist belt is snug level And at an optimal position Hold your child to your chest facing you Support your child with one arm while You bring the panel of the carrier up to Top of their back use a free hands to Pull on the carrier arm strap repeat on The other side Buckle the chest clip Behind you pull the arm strap webbing Down and forward to tighten each strap Make sure your child has a deep Supported seat final checklist your Child is centered and at a kissable Height they have a deep supported seat Carrier is Comfortably adjusted to fit Snug on you

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