#Chicco Guide: Chicco ClearTex

#Chicco Guide: Chicco ClearTex

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From textiles to tags, ClearTex products use fabrics that comply with federal car safety flammability standards (FMVSS 302) without any added chemical treatments. Clearly, less is more where chemicals are concerned especially, when you’re choosing products for your baby, so we’ve created ClearTex . ClearTexTM products meet federal flammability standards without added chemical treatments, for peace of mind from head to toe. ClearTex utilizes an innovative construction of polyester fibers to produce fabrics that are inherently fire-resistant (and gentle on baby) no additional chemical fire retardants necessary!

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#Chicco Guide: Chicco ClearTex

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[Music] At keiko Sustainable parenting means a commitment To act responsibly Respecting people and the environment With an Outlook to future generations Part of our commitment to sustainable Parenting includes new textile Innovations Making things easy to clean comfortable In use and clear of unnecessary Chemicals The kiko cleartext line of products uses Textiles without Any added chemicals while still meeting Federal safety standards Beginning with an innovative textile Construction that uses synthetic fibers To produce fabric that is inherently Fire resistant Cleartex extends to all the soft goods That surround your child Foam inserts and comfort kits even the Warning labels All are manufactured to meet federal Safety flammability standards Without the need for additional fire Retardant chemicals Cleartex eliminates chemicals that can Migrate from fabric to environment Ensures fire resistance for the lifetime Of the product And provides parents peace of mind

The result the safety you expect from Kiko With additional benefits for your Child’s well-being Innovative textile solutions cleartex A sustainable parenting innovation only From kiko

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