#BABYMOOV Guide: CLOUDNEST: Anti-Colic Cocoon

#BABYMOOV Guide: CLOUDNEST: Anti-Colic Cocoon

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Anti-colic cocoon, CloudNest by BABYMOOV, with integrated heating pad
Developed in collaboration with a midwife, the CloudNest cocoon by Babymoov is designed specially to naturally relieve baby’’s colic, in a reassuring and comfortable environment, while providing baby with a source of soothing and relaxing heat. In cotton* and very soft, it is composed of a lower arm which allows the legs to be elevated to reproduce the foetal position as recommended by medical experts to aid with digestion. Baby is embraced, just like when in the parents’’ arms, so feels reassured. For even greater well-being, an integrated heating pad filled with organic flaxseed can be found in the second lower arm. This can be lightly positioned on baby’’s belly to enable a smoother digestion as the warmth helps relieve cramps and colic.

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#BABYMOOV Guide: CLOUDNEST: Anti-Colic Cocoon

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This is the cloudness baby lounger for Newborns It really comforts and soothes the baby So here we have the leg roll which we Can put under the baby’s legs and adjust It to the height And this aids in digestion for the baby Then here we have the weighted arm Pillow which replicates a human hand and Comforts the baby So we place it over the tummy And then we can open it up and take out The heating pack that we can put in the Microwave and it has organic flax seeds Inside This lounger specifically reduces colic So here let’s close it back up And then you can turn the whole entire Cloudness back into a classic lounger This was made in europe with midwives From switzerland it’s ecotec certified Made with organic breathable cotton And our green move movement to reduce Our carbon footprint So here we have the colic reducing cloud Baby lounger For newborns by baby move

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