#Lovevery Baby Guide: The Senser Play Kit For Babies (5-6 Months) | Your Baby Is More Mobile Now &

#Lovevery Baby Guide: The Senser Play Kit For Babies (5-6 Months) | Your Baby Is More Mobile Now &

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The Senser Play Kit by Lovevery was designed by child development experts for babies 5-6 months old. During this age range, your baby is working so hard to get to the things they want. They are more mobile now and really exploring their senses.
Until month 12, babies take in more information via their mouths than their fingers. At this point, your baby is tasting, mouthing, and feeling everything they can get their hands on right now – and working on getting themselves closer to what looks and sounds exciting to them.
Combining a modern twist to your favorite montessori classics, The Senser Play Kit by Lovevery will be the perfect addition to your baby’’s toy collection!
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Our goal is to help every parent feel confident. Our play products are designed by child development experts and distilled to their simplest, purest purpose: to be exactly what children need at each stage.
We know that you are the expert on your baby. Lovevery brings academics, researchers, and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines together for a holistic approach that is simple, accessible, and relevant to you and your baby.

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You’re just about to be five-month-old Is working so hard to get to the things That they want they are more mobile now And they’re just craving like tasting Everything that they can mouthing things Sensing things with kind of all their Senses looking and reaching and mouthing Is kind of where it’s at so we called This stage the sensing stage the sensor Plate kit we included a tummy time Wobbler because tummy time is so Important still for your baby at this Age it is really great for them to be Able to build those muscles for sitting Up eventually and crawling and walking Tummy time is still where it’s at and we Want to keep it really engaging because Your baby might be getting kind of tired Of that play position and really wanting To be entertained So this wobbler is great on a hard floor Visually tracking a moving object so the Wobbler wobble is kind of all a little Bit out of range is so important for Your baby’s eyes to coordinate their Body in their head and moving this Tracking object and then eventually They’re gonna be able to reach and grasp And get this wobbler themselves well on Their belly so this is like a really Great entertainment we have some Activities and the play guide that we’ll Talk about later that include putting This in water and there’s like all sorts

Of ways that you can play with this Wobbler this spinning rainbow is really Great for both tummy play and sitting up So your baby at first will be able to Use both of their hands to try and make This spinning rainbow move and Eventually they’ll be able to around Seven months in a later stage they’ll be Able to use one hand to spin the rainbow So when they’re on their tummy if you Want to entertain them and get them to Kind of sit up further and push start to Push on their hands which is kind of What happens around five six months they Start to be able to like push up in Tummy time spinning the spinning rainbow Can be really entertaining for them and Wants them they will want to push up to Be able to see better and to see them That’s the movement of the colors and The sound Track the sounds then when they’re Sitting up at around like six seven Eight months you can help support them In the beginning but they will love to Sit with the with the spinning rainbow Right in their lap and be able to play With it from a sitting up position too So this is really really fun and a Montessori classic toy the parts of me Word book is one of there could be one Of their first board books that has Faces of little friends that look like Them so your baby at this age is really

Tuning into the facial features of of People and so they’re understanding that Two eyes a nose and a mouth makes up a Face and they’re starting to understand That faces are different so they’re Really tuning into the difference is and Faces are just endlessly fascinating for Babies they love to look at other other Babies faces and this book is full of Full of lots of little friends for your Baby to have this play guide comes with All sorts of information about what to Expect with for example reading at this Age are they gonna how long will it last Will they take an interest What’s going on with sitting up when Should my baby be sitting up what is What does that look like How much tummy time should they do a day So this has all the kind of basic Information that you need to know plus a Bunch of enriching activities that you Can do to help engage with this your Baby this really like fun age so each of The playthings has a why like why we put This product in this box and why is Meaningful for your child’s development Right now and then more ideas for play So just to keep things engaging and Interesting and help you feeling tuned In to what your baby is wanting to learn Right now these socks one of the things That I was so fascinated to learn is That kicking play actually is connected

To having a baby being able to roll over So around five six months your baby will Start to roll over from back to side From back to belly from belly to back And these socks can actually help them With that But that Milestone so ping you make great noise He’s like rattle socks are really fun They’re also great for mouthing and so They can some babies are really love to Put their feet in their mouth and this Is a very engaging way for them to reach And grasp their feet and again that that Sound is so fun and it really encourages Them to practice kicking which is so Great for building strength this is one Of my my favorite products of our live Every line and I remember having Discovering that babies my babies in Particular and all babies in general Loved to focus on containment so first It’s pulling things out of other things And then later it is really focusing on Stuffing in and they’re going to dump Out and put things in and this is a Fascination with the containment happens For many many months in well into the First year even into you know even one And two year olds love to put things Into containers this is the very Beginning of your babies discovery and So I think would love my white the wipes Container and the tissue boxes that we

Had but then I was finding myself my Baby like sucking on the tissues and I Was fishing soggy tissues out of their Mouths and the wipes you never know what They’re kind of I never knew what they Were made of and kind of felt like we Wanted to have something really safe for The baby to practice that early Containment so this is really fun for Babies you can help support them sitting Up and eventually they’ll be able to Learn how to pull these tissues out that Takes a lot of coordination and focus And then it’s really fun to put the Tissue box on its side so during tummy Time you can pull the tissues out or let Your baby animale the tissues and Explore the different colors and the Feeling of the tissues in their mouth And in their hands And we also included a Montessori ball This is a classic and it’s designed to Promote hand to hand transfer so these Little ridges are make it really easy For your baby to get a grip on the ball And to be able to eventually move it From one hand to the other babies love Balls are so fun like like so how Something rolls is things Simple to us but is so interesting to Your baby and this ball ops also helps Them to be able to really interact with It so they can hold it and they can now That it’s made with organic cotton like

All of our all of our material and this Play things are made with organic cotton So enjoy enjoy your little sensor they Are taking in so much about their world And soon they’ll be integrating those Senses into deeper learning so enjoy This stage

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