Is the Tula Lite Worth it?

Tula is a brand known for its multi-coloured carriers that are quality and some of them are affordable to many. One of their simpler carriers is the Tula Lite.

Is the Tula Lite worth it? If you are wondering if this carrier is the best option for your baby and lifestyle, then in this article I will discuss the pros and cons.

Tula Lite is different from Tula Explore and the Free To Grow in the sense that the features it offers are less in quality and differ a bit, but it’s still popular among some parents.

If you are new to babywearing it can be a bit challenging to figure out which carrier suits you the best. Reviews are a way of finding out.

Through my research and experience, I will try and make the decision easier.

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Is the Tula Lite Worth it? – Full Review.

Tula Lite Age Range and Seating Positions.

This carrier is made for infants that are from 3 to 4 months up to 18 months around 5.4kg up to 13.6kg. This means the Tula Lite is not from birth just in case you intend on buying it for this purpose.

Because the Lite carrier is not from birth it does not have a newborn insert and pillow. Tula Lite offers 2 seating positions which are face-in and back carrying.

You have only one buckle strap when you are placing your child in that position. Making it simple and not complicated. The same thing with the back carrying.

There are no adjustable positions which is the reason why it’s only suitable for these ages. The seating positions are made to suit your baby from 5.4kg up to 13.6kg.

From 1 year you are able to carry your baby in the back because they are stronger then. This of course differs from baby to baby. It can be sooner than this.

Tula Lite Design and Fabrics.

Compared to many other Tula carriers the Tula Lite does offer fewer features which are suitable for most, but the features are still good.

It has thin straps which are buckled at the back and these are not crossable which some will prefer or don’t mind. The buckles are a bit high up.

The straps can be adjustable to fit the one carrying them. According to a review, a read the straps are not really that tight on very small people but work wonders for average people and those that are plus size.

So, maybe from M to XXL. On both men and women. It’s best to check the dimensions and measurements.

The buckles and straps are small and meant to be light to keep the carrier as light as possible.

You also have a thinner withstand compared to other Tula carriers. Although what makes the waistband a bit unique from the others is that it has a big front pocket.

Big enough to carry, nappies, baby clothes, etc. Things that can be good to have on a short trip to the city or beach.

The waistband can be folded and when unfolded is wide. It’s also suitable for many but not all.

Tula Lite does have a hood which you can use to cover your baby when they are sleeping, again which is super helpful during summer.

Made with nylon which differs a bit from the cotton that most carriers are made of. It does have breathable mesh fabric which makes it comfortable during summer.

Tula Lite Breastfeeding and Care.

Because the Tula Lite does not have adjustments with the seating it can be a bit tricky to breastfeed your baby. Breastfeeding is something many think about when buying a carrier because parents are not always available to sit and do it.

Your baby might be too up for them to be comfortable and fed. Around 3 to 5 months depending on your baby’s height you might be able to breastfeed them. (Although this is only my presumption).

You can wash the Tula Lite using the washing machine with cold water and according to Tula no bleaching. Tumble drying is not good so you should just air dry it.

It’s not that thick so it won’t take that much time.

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Tula Lite Weight and Dimensions.

Tula Lite weighs about 1kg and has these dimensions of 28 x 28 x 14 cm.  It’s thinner than most Tula carriers and weighs less as well which makes it ideal for those who can’t carry that much weight.

It’s compact and can be folded to put in a bag. Excellent for travel and short trips.

Tula Lite Colours and Price.

Like all the Tula carriers it has many colours and they are multi-coloured, very fancy looking. (I personally like the colours Tula carriers have).

Many also prefer it and the colours are very matching. You have Beyond, Ocotillo, Astar, Slater and Discover. The Amazon main link will lead you to these colours. Check all of them out.

Although the Tula Lite is cheap compared to other Tula carriers is not really cheap for a carrier. It costs about £79.90. Compared to the Ergobaby Embrace it’s more expensive.

These are similar in the market, but the Ergobaby Embrace has face-out carrying instead of back and it has crossable straps. Although it’s suitable for up to 11kg plus.

It’s cheaper around £68. If you spend £1 more in most stores you will get the Babybjörn Mini which is suitable from newborn and has crossable straps as well.

Although it’s reported to be up to 12-18 months. Much lighter and has better fabrics. These two carriers lack the front pocket which the Tula Lite has.

So, depending on what you want maybe the price might be worth it.

Tula Lite Cons

  • Not suitable from newborn and one up to 18 months.
  • Does not have face-out carrying which many would want at this age.
  • According to a review, it can be difficult to fasten the carrier while using the back carrying and the minimum tight option on the straps won’t fit small size parents.
  • It does not offer crossable straps which for some is much more comfortable.
  • Not that padded around the whole carrier which means during winter it can get cold.
  • Tula Lite is “One Size” meant to fit certain sizes. Mostly favourable to standard and plus-size people.
  • This carrier is meant for some summer or warmer climates, and also to be used for less than one hour because of its design.
  • The price can be high if you are only using it for travel. There are much cheaper carriers out there for that. See the Boba Air on Amazon.

So, is the Tula Lite Worth it?

Well, if you travel a lot or make short trips a lot then the Tula Lite is perfect. If you also intend to use it at home when cleaning or putting your child to sleep then why not?

It has a big very pocket in the front which can be very useful. You don’t always have to bring a pouch or bag with you for your small essentials things.

Weekly grocery shopping will be much easier. I would advise you to buy another carrier if you want to use a carrier all the time and for all of your baby’s stages.

It’s also important that you and your baby are comfortable. The Tula Lite won’t be that good for those suffering backache and such.

The Infantino Flip costs about £30.99 and it’s better than the Tula Lite for longer usage. What do you think?

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How do You Adjust the Babybjörn Harmony?

The Babybjörn Harmony carrier is one of many top carriers Babybjörn offers. Do you intend on buying this carrier or do you already have it?

A question such as “how do you adjust the Babybjörn harmony?” can come up a lot if you have the carrier or want to buy it. In this article, I will explain in a simple way how you can easily adjust the carrier after the research I have done it.

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How do You Adjust the Babybjörn Harmony?

Babybjörn Harmony Adjust for Baby.

You can adjust the Harmony carrier for you and your baby.

Adjust it so that your baby can feel more comfortable around their hips and legs. There are buttons and zips underneath.

You can unzip the fabric to loosen it up and to stop at that place use the button. You can do this with both facing options by yourself but with the back adjustment, someone needs to help you.

Unless you have very strong hands and your baby is not that heavy. (Although it can be a bit hard to see).

The zips must be placed from the knee cap to the knee cap so that your baby seats in an M shape which is the safest according to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

There’s a zip on a fabric inside the Babybjörn Harmony which you can zip and unzip so that your growing baby can fit in the carrier. It adjusts the length of the carrier.

Babybjörn Harmony Adjust for the Parent.

For the parent, guardian or person carrying the Babybjörn Harmony, you do of course have two adjustments. Which are the straps and waistband.

The straps should be down on your should blades and be the same width as your shoulders. In order to carry the carrier in a comfortable way and a safer way, this is the recommendation Babybjörn put out.

You do have buckles strapping the carrier these can also be adjusted depending on how wide your back is.

Having the straps on your shoulder blades will ensure your baby’s position is right in front as well.

It’s also essential you place straps in the right position on your shoulders which usually is in the middle to balance it.

Lastly, you have the waistband. After wearing it, clip the buckles behind your waist and this can also be adjusted to suit you.


Babybjörn Harmony has four positions which are the face in carrying for your baby, face in carrying for toddlers, face out carrying and then you have the back carrying.

It does not have a hip carrying position. This makes it suitable for newborns up to 3 years which is the standard age for many carriers.

With these simple adjustments with the help of the smooth buckles handling the Babybjörn Harmony carrier will be easy for many.

If you are new to babywearing it takes practice to be able to be comfortable with it. What do you think of the adjustments the Babybjörn Harmony offers?

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What’s the Difference Between the Babybjorn One and One Air?

Babybjörn is a Swedish brand best known for its top-quality carriers. These rival the Ergobaby baby carriers because of the fabrics, materials and beneficial features.

Some of these carriers are the Babybjörn One and One Air. The One Air is an update to the former. What’s the Difference Between the Babybjörn One and One Air?

If you intend to buy either of these you would want to know what differs and are the updates on One Air are worth more to you and your baby?

I will point out some of the pros and cons but I will go into more in detail about what differs between the carriers.

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About the Babybjörn One.

The Carrier One is one of Baby Bjorns famous carriers. It’s suitable from birth up to around 3 years. Made with cotton blend fabrics to make baby and toddler comfortable.

Has 4 positions to suit and accommodate many families. No need for newborn inserts as the straps and body size are adjustable.

The Carrier suits any carrier as well. Size XS up to XXL. Head support and also has the M position to further protect your baby and keep them safe.

Eco-friendly materials and when dirty you can wash them in the washing machine. Stylish, durable and eye-catching.

About the Babybjörn One Air.

Just like the previous model the One Air is also suitable from birth up to 15kg which is around 3 years. The adjusted seating positions are the newborn, face in, out and back carrying.

Padded straps and waistband to keep comfy and these are suitable for many sizes. Hip and spine friendly just like the previous model.

What’s the Difference Between the Babybjörn One and One Air?

One Normal Cotton vs One Air 3D Mesh Fabric.

This is the more major update that’s done with this carrier. The One Air has a more breathable mesh fabric. A 3D mesh fabric that’s made for warmer weather.

This makes it more suitable for the spring and summer. Both have breathable mesh fabrics but the One Air has more which can be good for those families who live in certain areas.

It can also be good for babies who can’t handle the heat and have problems breathing.

One and One Air, Straps, Seat and Head Support.

Some smaller changes which can benefit many are these three above. You have more padded straps which can be more comfortable than wearing the carrier depending on the weather.

You also have wider seat for comfort for your baby. This those not mean the age limit changes because both are up to 15kg according to the manufacturers.

It just means your baby can seat more comfortable than before. The head support is also higher for those babies who are a bit taller.

This also means the head support will be suitable for older babies. That’s good because not all babies are independent at a fixed age.

Some by 5 months are strong enough to support their head and neck and others not.

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One and One Air Colours and Price.

The colours differ as well. The major colours are the same but they differ in some. Both have black, dark and light grey, and two shades of blue colours as well.

The standard beige colour is the same as well. Babybjörn One Air has a black leopard colour and pink colour which I did not see the One has.

Babybjörn One has a beige leopard colour instead.  The light blue differs in their shade and they also have greige colour which is a mix of grey and beige.

Because the One Air is updated it’s more expensive. It costs £148 up to £175 depending on where you buy it and the colours. Although the first price is the standard one.

The Babybjörn One costs about £128 up to £136 and also just like the other one depending on the colour you want and where you buy it.

The Leopard colours cost more for example.


  • These are expensive carriers.
  • Weighs around 1kg and a very padded making them not that compact and a bit heavy.
  • According to some reviews, it’s a bit difficult with the back carrying.
  • The same reviews also stated the carrier is a bit fiddly.

Which One is Better?

This answer does depend on your lifestyle. If you live in a warmer climate then maybe the One Air 3D Mesh is better if not then they are the same.

Depending on your size maybe the One Air can be better because of the more padded straps. If your baby is also taller then the higher head support will benefit them.

These are the only features which might make someone choose the Babybjörn One Air. There are differences in colours as well, but they are almost the same.

If you think the above changes are worth the extra £20 to £40 then go ahead and buy the One Air because it’s better for making you and your baby more comfortable.

Aside from that, both are very good and you will almost experience the same using them.

What are your thoughts on these? Have you used a Babybjörn carrier before?

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How do You Use a Cybex Yema Tie?

Cybex is one of the best brands out there when it comes to baby products. They recently started to manufacturing baby carriers so they are not that known for producing them.

Although they have their famous Cybex Yema carrier. I’m sure you have heard of this carrier before that’s why you asked this question above.

This article is going to be short because I will only answer the question above. How do you use a Cybex Yema tie? Those parents who have the Yema, or want to buy it want to know exactly how to use it.

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How do You Use a Cybex Yema Tie?

So how do you tie the Cybex Yema? Well, first you have to wear the Yema by strapping the waistband and having the straps on your shoulders.

Put your baby in the middle in the correct position. Then what you will do is take the strap tails and place them behind you from above your shoulders. One to the right and the other to the left.

Crossed the straps on your back by taking the from left to right and opposite. Bring the straps in front of your tummy to tie them up.

Before doing this wrap the strap under your baby’s legs to secure it. Tie it twice and you can do a bow tie with the last one to keep it from being too bulky.

Cybex Yema has ergonomic seat so this means your baby is in a comfortable place for your baby’s hip and spine development.

No need to readjust your baby or be worried about how they sit as long you place them in the right position.


Was this article helpful in helping you understand how to best set up the Cybex or tie it? You also have hood protection which you can attach to the carrier or tuck away when not in use.

This is done after tying the Cybex Yema. Cybex Yema is suitable for newborns up to 2 years and an example of a similar carrier to it in terms of quality is the Nuna Cudl.

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Is the Infantino Flip Carrier Ergonomic?

One of the most searched carriers in the market is the Infantino Flip carrier. So many tend to ask the above question which is important if you are going to use the carrier for your little one.

Is the Infantino Flip Carrier Ergonomic? As we all may know an Ergonomic carrier is good to have for your baby’s spine and hip development.

For them to sit in an M shape. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute also approves carriers that are only hip safe.

This article will answer the question and also state other features the Infantino Flip has. To help you determine if you want to buy the carrier or not.

Note this review is for the Infantino Flip Advance.

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Is the Infantino Flip Carrier Ergonomic?

Yes, the carrier is ergonomic which as stated above means your baby is positioned in an M shape. This means the carrier won’t hinder their spine and hip development.

Mostly the hip. Whichever position your baby is facing the seat is ergonomic and this is more important for younger baby’s who grow rapidly.

Infantino Flip Other Features and Benefits.

Infantino Flip Range and Seat Positions.

Other things that make the Infantino Flip great are the two factors above. This carrier is designed for newborns and smaller children.

It’s from 3.6kg up to 14.5kg which is around 2 and half years or 3 years depending on your child. Making it better than the Baby Björn Mini Carrier which is less than that.

You have 4 positions which makes it also better than the Babybjörn Carrier. The face in, out, and back carrying positions.

From 5 months your child can use the face-out position before that the face-in is best suited. The face in has two positions because the first one is more suited for newborns up to maybe 2 months.

Afterwards, you can adjust a bit for older babies.

From 18 months your child is able to use the back carrying position.

The seat has 2 adjustable positions to fit your growing baby.

InfantinoFlip Design and Style.

Infantino has not that thick shoulder straps and waistband. These are adjustable to suit many sizes and of course, your child while they grow up.

Because of the fabrics, it’s a suitable carrier for many seasons.  Made with quality fabrics which are washable using the washing machine.

Air drying the carrier would make it last longer. You have a 2 in 1 bib to keep the carrier clean. You won’t need to bring a bib for your child.

Infantino Flip Weight and Dimensions.

25.4 x 25.4 x 10.16 cm are the dimensions and it weighs 0.6kg which makes it very lightweight and compact just the Babybjörn Mini Carrier.

You can store it in your backpack or the basket underneath your child’s buggy and take it out whenever you need it.

Infantino Flip Colours and Price.

You have black, dark and light grey. The most common colour is grey. These are colours which are compatible with many colours if not all.

Considering the features It has the Infantino Flip is very cheap compared to again the Babybjörn Mini and even the Ergobaby Embrace carrier.

It costs between £35 and £30. The others cost £68 and £69. Almost £38 to £39 more. So this is a winner for those who are looking for simple and cheap carriers.

If you won’t be using the carrier too much then again this one is perfect.

Infantino Flip Cons.

  • Lacks more breathable mesh fabrics. This comes with the update.
  • Does not have a pouch or pockets.
  • Few colours.


Although the Infantino Flip does not have the best fabrics and such it does have many good things and besides, it’s cheap.

As stated above it’s definitely for those who want something simple and cheap, yet packed with the many features.

If you are not going to be using the carrier that much then buying this is wiser. I would personally buy this type of carrier because it suits my lifestyle.

The one I have now it’s almost the same. From Mothercare. What will it be? Now that you found out the Infantino Flip Carrier is Ergonomic will you buy it?

Buy Infantino Flip On Amazon.

What is the Difference Between Omni Breeze and Omni 360?

Ergobaby is well known for its top carriers, especially its 360 model carriers. When the 360 was launched it became successful. They later launched the Omni 360 which was more like.

Ergobaby did not only stop there they introduced the Omni Breeze which again, turn out to be a success since it came out last year.

Some are still though wondering which one to go with. What is the difference between Omni Breeze and Omni 360? Which one should they go for?

In this article, I will cover both carriers’ pros, and cons and a detailed analysis of the differences.

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About the Omni Breeze.

Omni Breeze has all the features a top-quality carrier can have. Well, the features which are more desirable. It’s suitable for newborns up to 4 years of age around 20kg.

It has all 4 positions which are the face in, face out, hip carrying and back carrying. It has a soft pillow for your baby’s neck and head.

Padded and adjustable straps to keep the carrier firm and easy to wear. You also have an adjustable waistband and the Omni Breeze it’s a bit wider than some carriers. Covers your little one’s legs better.

Plus more features which it’s amazing. One of Ergobaby best carriers and one of the best in the market as well.

About the Omni 360.

Just like the Breeze, the Omni has many good features. It’s suitable from 4 months or 6 months up to 4 years. It has all 4 positions to make life easy for than the one wearing and the one on.

Soft breathable mesh and comes in a few fabrics. Cotton and Airflow. Soft and padded straps to make things easier for the parent.

Omni 360 also has other benefits See my full review on it.

What is the Difference Between Omni Breeze and Omni 360?

Omni Breeze and Omni 360 Airflow.

Both carriers have Airflow to make it easy to use the carrier during hot days and also help your newborn breathe easier with all of the stuffing.

However, with the new update, Omni Breeze offers more now. It’s designed with a lightweight so-called SoftFlex mesh. This covers the whole carrier so your baby will feel air coming in more directions.

Omni 360 has breathable cotton in certain areas not all. This means the air will only flow in a few places and that leads to less air coming in.

Omni Breeze also has foam cuts in the waistbelt and lumbar support which means more air can come in.

You won’t feel sweaty around your waist which is inevitable with the thick padded band. This means the Omni Breeze is better to have during summer and for those parents who can’t take that much heat.

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Omni Breeze Other Extra Features.

Breeze has reflective fabric on the sides of the carrier which is good for night view. These are also most common with strollers.

Many carriers lack this feature which makes the Omni Breeze one of the few that does have it. Taking a stroll in the dark can be something some parents do which makes this feature super helpful.

You also have side pockets on the Omni Breeze which adds more to the storage it already has. Just like the Omni 360 it also has a pouch.

Both are detachable. The pockets are there for your keys, and phone which you don’t always need to bring a pouch for. Omni Breeze can be ideal for those who always have small accessories with them.

Ergobaby Omni Breeze also has sliders on the sides to adjust the carrier for children facing outward which the former lacks.

Omni Breeze and Omni 360 Age Range and Style

Omni Breeze is said to be suitable from birth about 3.2kg up to exactly 20.4kg. With Omni 360 it’s from 4 months earliest up to 20kg.

This makes the Omni Breeze more ideal for parents who want to use a carrier earlier on. Although the design is the same the Breeze seems wider.

Its waistband, shoulder strap and its body size are wider.

Omni Breeze and Omni 360 Price.

The price differs as well because the Omni Breeze it’s newer its, therefore, more expensive. Ergobaby Omni Breeze costs about £174.

The former is around £134. It’s about £40 indifference. That’s a lot, so people might wonder if the new update is worth the price?

Which One is Better?

The winner no doubt is the Omni Breeze. It has better Airflow, more accessories and offers a longer age range. These are the only things which make the Omni Breeze better.

Other than that these share more features and are quite similar. The same colours, weight almost the same, offer all 4 positions, soft and padded straps, etc.

Depending on your lifestyle the Omni Breeze will definitely be the one to go for. If you don’t mind the features Omni 360 offers and you are using the carrier from 4 months then this one is good.

It’s cheaper saving you a lot of money.


Both are expensive and heavy which are the biggest cons both share. Might not be that compact and easy to store in narrow spaces.

It can be a bit difficult to place your baby in it by yourself. These cons are not that many because the carriers are high quality and provide many features.

Which of these Ergobaby Omni carriers are you going for?

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Buy Omni 360 On Amazon.

Is Tula Explore Suitable for a Newborn?

This is a very common question asked by many parents. If a certain type of carrier is suitable for a newborn or not because not all carriers are for newborns.

Some are from 6 months or 3 months can be the earliest. For many parents wanting to have their babies close from the beginning is very important.

For others, it a most because they live alone and need to have their little one with them while doing tasks in or outside the house.

Is Tula Explore suitable for a newborn? If you are interested in the Tula brand this is a common question. The Tula Explore is some of the best in the market and in this article, I will go over why it’s good for your little one.

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Buy Tula Explore On Amazon.

Is Tula Explore Suitable for a Newborn?

Yes, the Tula Explore is suitable for your little baby. It’s from 0-4 years which is from 3.2kg up to 20.4kg. For some carriers, it’s from 3.5kg but this one is less.

This also means you can use the carrier throughout your little one’s growth. You don’t need to buy another carrier if the Tula Explore is well taken care of.

Because of the different adjustments and positions, it will be comfortable for your little one to use.

Why is Tula Explore Suitable for a Newborn?

Tula Explore Facing Positions and Safety.

The Tula Explore offers the best position for a newborn which is the face in position. Where you and your baby face each other.

That way you will be able to cuddle your baby and create a bond, and it’s also close to you to keep them safe. This position is up to 5 or 6 months.

While in this position your little one’s spine and hip development won’t be hindered according to the manufacturers. Tula Explore is designed to keep your little one in an M shape.

In this way they are comfortable. You also have other positions which are the face out positions from 5 months up to 4 years and the back position.

That’s from 18 months up to 4 years.

Tula Explore Neck Support Pillow and Fabrics.

Another reason the Explore carrier is good for your little one is because of this feature. You can use the pillow to help support your little one’s fragile neck and head.

To also keep them comfortable and be able to relax. This can be taken out and washed to keep it fresh and clean.

The fabrics are 100% cotton which is made breathable for your little one. This is important for your little one’s fragile skin and condition.

You can also use the washing machine to wash the carrier keeping it fresh and usable for years.

Tula Explore Other Features.

Tula Explore also does offer many things to make wearing it easy. You have padded shoulder straps that are adjustable and easy to wear by many.

Adjustable waistband as well and with all of this, the weight is distributed equally to make carrying your child easy.

The carrier itself is lightweight and compact easy to take along with. Weight 0.7kg which makes it one of the lightest carriers out there.

Which Tula carriers are known for. Two major cons are the lack of a pouch or pocket and the price. It cost a lot. Between £139 to £159.

In my opinion, there are cheaper carriers which are better than this one. The Babybjörn Carrier One, Ergobaby Omni 360 and Beco 8.

What are your thoughts on this carrier? Is it worth the money?

Buy Tula Explore On Amazon.

Is Joie Savvy Carrier Worth it?

Joie has been known for years to provide baby products, especially strollers but they recently started manufacturing baby carriers.

Their first is the Joie Savvy carrier. It’s one of the top carriers in the market and has many similarities to the Nuna Cudl. Is the Joie Savvy carrier worth it?

By going over the pros and cons answering this question will be much clearer.

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Is Joie Savvy Carrier Worth it? – Full Review.

Joie Savvy Carrier Age Range.

Unlike some other top quality carriers, the Savvy is in fact suitable for your little one. From newborn up to around 3 years and even more.

That would be from 3.2kg up to 15kg or more. For this carrier, it’s from 3.5kg up to 16kg.

According to Joie, the carrier is designed to carry newborns up to your toddler grows up making it an ideal carrier for those who frequently use carriers or plan to do so.

This also means you won’t need to buy another one before or after. Making last to be used on future kids.

Joie Savvy Carrier Seating Positions.

Because of the age range maybe you can also guess that this carrier is a 4 in 1 carrier. Which means it has all four positions.

These are the face in, out, hip carrying and back carrying as well. The face-in position it’s from newborn up to 5 months. Then you have the face out position which is from 5 months upwards.

Then you have the hip and back carrying which are usually from 18 months up to 16kg. At that age, your little one is sturdier sitting in those positions and they are more comfortable as well.

Joie Savvy Carrier Design and Style.

As mentioned above it’s very similar to the Nuna Cudl when it comes to its design. Just like that one the Savvy carrier has auto click magnetic buckles.

These do not make that much noise and are easy to attach. The fabrics are breathable because of the mesh fabrics and silky cotton fabric.

You have thick shoulder straps which are adjustable, and the Waistband makes carrying your baby easier. With the adjustment, it makes it possible to distribute the weight.

Which prevents back acne and also prevents you from injuring your shoulders. The cotton is good for your baby’s delicate skin making them comfortable.

A windshield to keep the carrier from getting too cold and keep the baby warm. An all-season carrier because of the features it has.

The Savvy carrier has two accessories which are the bib and head support. These are removable and easy to clean. It’s all added to make your small child comfortable.

Joie Savvy supports your baby’s C-shape spine and lets it develop. While seated your little one it’s in an M shape which supports not only the spine but the hip.

It’s “hip safe” according to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, which means experts approve of this carrier to be among the best.

The carrier is less thick on the straps than the other top carriers which makes it a bit lighter and easier to carry.

Joie Savvy Carrier Fitting Size, Breastfeeding and Care.

With the different adjustments, the Joie Savvy is compatible with many sizes. The shoulder straps also make it easy for many to use it

It even outs and glides easily on your shoulders. The waistband also plays a big role in making it easy for parents to use it. From women XS to men 2XL.

How about wearing it?

You can wear the carrier on your own without any help. Making it easy to go out without needing to wear it at home. It’s also easy to bring it along where ever you go

You might also wonder if it’s possible to breastfeed? The answer is yes, because of the amazing features making it possible.

The Nuna Cudl allows you to breastfeed and this one is just like it so this is possible.

It’s a washing machine washable with mild soap and cold water just like most carriers. Wash it separately and air dry it which I personally think it’s safer.

With proper care, the Joie Savvy will last for years.

Joie Savvy Carrier Weight and Dimensions.

These are dimensions W 35-76 x L 61-91cm and the weight is 0.97kg. This makes it much lighter than the Nuna Cudl. Also a bit lighter than the Ergobaby Omni 360 and Baby Björn Carrier One.

It’s light enough to carry with you and it is also quite compact.

Joie Savvy Carrier Colours and Price.

Joie Savvy has the standard colours many carriers have which are black, blue and grey. Then you have yellow and green which is not that common for some carriers.

The price is also quite good for this kind of quality carrier. It’s about £100 which does differ from the Nuna Cudl which is £150. The carrier is quite new, but if you want it cheaper second-hand retail stores like eBay can be an option.

Joie Savvy Carrier Cons.

  • Although cheaper than other carriers it’s a bit pricey for others.
  • Does not have a pouch or pocket.
  • Limited colours. (You have way more colours if you buy the Omni 360 and Carrier One).
  • Not the lightest carrier, almost 1kg.

So, is the Joie Savvy Carrier Worth it?

If you are going to use the carrier for your everyday trips or chores at home then the Joie Savvy is definitely worth it considering the quality features and the much cheaper price.

If you buy it you won’t need another carrier, unlike some much cheaper carriers which are meant for up to 12 months or so.

It’s even worth it for those who won’t use it frequently because £100 is not something many parents would consider much when it comes to buying quality baby products.

Besides, you might not be using the carrier frequently now but perhaps in the future, you will.

What’s your view on the matter? Do you think you end up buying this carrier?

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Is the Nuna Cudl Worth it?

Nuna is a Dutch brand known for their quality baby products mostly their strollers, but they are also starting to manufacture baby carriers.

Is the Nuna Cudl worth it? Considering how popular the carrier is in the market this is the question I have seen asked by parents.

The Nuna Cudl is known for its expensive price, top quality fabrics and innovative buckles. It does have a lot of features and the quality many are looking for.

I will try answering the question by going over pros and cons.

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Is the Nuna Cudl Worth it? – Full Review.

Nuna Cudl Age Range.

This carrier is what most parents who use carriers very often either at home or outside will love to have. The reason for that is the carrier is suitable from birth up to toddlerhood.

This is from 3.2kg up to 15kg or above which is around 3 years of age. So your little one will be comfortable using the carrier until they grow up and start to run around.

Nuna also made sure to include an integrated infant booster for small babies which are under 4 months of age. This means they will be close and near to you enough to kiss them on the head.

Passing the TICK rules ( Rules made to ensure babies safety). Your baby is able to sit comfortably so they can sleep better and not be in discomfort.

Nuna Cudl Seating Positions.

Because of the age range the Nuna Cudl carrier has all four seating positions. Which are the facing in, facing out, hip carrying and back carrying.

All of the seating positions offer ergonomic positions meaning your child will seat in a way to help with their spine and hip development or at least not prevent any development.

It’s “hip healthy” according to the hip Dysplasia Institute. Making it already guaranteed by the experts.

When seated they are in an M position which again, it’s the best position for your child at any given age. The facing in position is for newborns up to 5 months.

Then you have the face out position high is from 5 months up to 3 years. From 18 months you can use the hip and back carrying up to 3 years.

At 18 months your child is much stronger, but this can be less or more depending on your little one’s development.

Nuna Cudl Design and Style.

Let’s first mention the 4 magnetic buckles that a dad highly praised when I read his review. The magnetic buckles are quite new and not that common when it comes to carriers.

It’s easy and fast to attach which means no wasting of time. When attached you can easily wear the carriers and then have your child in without any struggle.

Something that can be a bit of a struggle with other carriers. You also have dangling plastic materials when seated which can be quite irritating if you ask me about it. (This the Cudl does not have).

You have padded and comfortable shoulder straps that make it easy to even out the weight of your child. What also helps is the waistband.

Which according to the dad is of great help. You can both adjust the waitband the straps to make them connected and secure.

This of course helps the parents and child. There’s a pocket or pouch designed into it for you to carry keys or your phone.

Taking a quick stroll to the store or for a quick visit to some other places will be easier. The zipper is covered so that it won’t hurt your baby’s fragile skin.

Made with certified Oeko tex fabric. It’s a cotton and a mesh fabric made carrier that makes it breathable to be around.

Because of the fabrics, your little one can breathe at ease even during summer. It also helps the one carrying it. You can have fresh air coming in and out for you not to sweat.

You also have a head support for your little one, which of course can be removed when your little one grows up.

Nuna Cudl is a very durable amd robust carrier according to the reviews. It’s thick and comfortable for the baby. With proper care it can last for all of your kids just like quality strollers.

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Nuna Cudl Care and Breastfeeding.

The Cudl is 100% washable in the washing machine. You can also remove the head support and the infant insert to wash them separately.

Just like any carrier its better to wash it separately from clothes with cold water and mild soap. I would recommend air drying it (See more details on Nuna sites about other drying options).

Washing it from time to time will keep it fresh and new to last for a while. Yes, you can breastfeed while using the Nuna Cudl. With the available positions and adjustments, you can secure your baby in a good position to breastfeed them.

Of course it’s easier when seated.

Nuna Cudl Weight, Dimensions and Sizing.

The dimensions are L 33cm × W 34cm × H 48cm. It weighs about 1.1kg which makes it one of the heaviest carriers in the market.

That’s not a surprise considering the materials and fabrics it has. Nuna Cudl is designed to be used by many. It does have the adjustable waistband and shoulder straps to make it possible.

It’s made to fit most sizes.

Nuna Cudl Colours and Price.

For some parents colours of their baby products do matter as well. The Cudl does offer bright and dark colours. You have light and dark grey, black, blue (denim) and green colour.

These are not much but they are the most common colours and the colours match many outfits. A new Nuna Cudl cost about £149 to £150.

You can always buy second on eBay, but of course, they are older and probably had been used a lot. The price is pretty high if you compare it to similar baby carriers in the market.

The Ergobaby Omni 360 costs about £130 to £139 in most stores. It’s a bit cheaper and these have almost the same quality.

Nuna Cudl Cons.

  • Heavy, thick and big. Can be a bit challenging to carry. According to the dad, it can be hard to carry it for more than 2 hours maximum. If you also consider your baby’s weight it might be less.
  • Expensive. As mentioned above it’s quite a lot for a carrier. Therefore you should only buy this carrier if you are going to use it frequently. Of course if you have the money and want a quality carrier whether you will be using it a lot or not, then go for it. We all have different needs and lifestyles.
  • According to the dad the magnetic buckles are a bit tricky to detach. It requires both hands. You need to push a button and pull the carrier at the same time. With practice it does get better according to him.
  • Although this is not a major con but can be for some, which is the colours. Some would prefer more patterns or more colour options.
  • Theres also the possibility that you might not be able to use the Nuna Cudl which is for all carriers. This can be many reasons. Measure or call the manufacturers for more information.

So, is the Nuna Cudl Worth it?

What do you think? I would say if you are going to use the carrier a lot then yes it’s definitely worth it. It’s an all seasonal carrier thanks to the mesh fabric.

It’s also has pockets and so many other beneficial features I just pointed out above. If you will not be using it regularly then buy a much cheaper one.

There are other carriers out there which are quite good. Tula Free To Grow and Beco 8 are examples.

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Can You Use Ergobaby Aura Wrap with Newborn?

Are you inclined in buying baby wraps more than carriers? That’s because it feels more like an old fashion way to carry your baby.

For some, it can be even more comfortable. So wanting a quality baby wrap is also ideal. The Ergobaby Aura Wrap is some of the best in the market.

Ergobaby offers quality babywearing. Is it possible to use the Ergobaby Aura Wrap from newborn? I will answer the question in detail with more pros and also cons to give a bigger picture of this product.

This post contains an affiliate link. See my Affiliate Disclosure.

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Can You Use Ergobaby Aura Wrap with Newborn?

The answer is yes. It’s meant for small babies. You can absolutely use it for your small child if they are at least 3.6kg which is about 8 pounds. That is the safest age and size according to medical recommendations.

Your little can use the wrap up to 11.3kg which is about 25 pounds. That’s around 12 months for some and above for others.

So, the Ergobaby Aura Wrap will last for some time and it’s precisely meant for that age. Meant to create a bond between you and your little one.

Ergobaby Aura Wrap Full Review.

Aura Wrap Design and Materials.

A Wrap differs from a normal standard carrier which usually has straps and buckles and is made of different materials. Wraps are not designed that way.

What is also separate is wraps are meant to only have forward positions. Aura Wrap is designed to keep your baby close and at the same time designed to keep your little one comfortable.

Its fabrics are 100% viscose made. Stretchy and easy to handle. It’s breathable and durable to last for years. Also designed with pockets to keep essentials close by.

Supports the M shape positions that kids at that age should have. The “International Hip Dysplasia Institute” states the Aura Wrap is hip safe.

Meaning it helps with your little one’s hip development or at least won’t hinder the development. Just like any other wrap, the materials are all the same.

You can adjust the shoulder and waist side of the fabrics to accommodate your growing baby.

Because of how close your little one is to you, you can breastfeed them while in the Aura wrap.

Aura Wrap Sizing and Care.

Aura Wrap is suitable for small, medium and bigger sizes. It’s one size fits most people which means you are comfortable using it. It’s important the one wearing the Wrap is comfortable as well.

It’s important to always research and know if it will suit you before buying. How can you preserve the Aura? Well, by washing it using a washing machine which is the easiest way.

Like all carriers or wraps, less strong soaps are better. Use cold water and according to Ergobaby don’t wash it with other clothes.

It can lead to damage using it with certain materials or fabrics.

Aura Wrap Dimensions and Weight.

It has these dimensions 20.3 x 4.6 x 20.3 cm. Which makes it extremely lightweight and easy to use. It also weighs under 1kg, around 0.5kg making it easy to store and carry anywhere.

Aura Wrap Colours and Price.

If you love to choose from a variety of colours then the Aura wrap offers just that. You have many colours which match many outfits and outings.

You have blue, blue with white dots, pink, grey, grey with white, turquoise, black with white dots, light green, copper (red/orange colour), light blue, light pink, mustard yellow, beige and black.

That’s 14 colours that I’m aware of.  It costs £49 at maximum in most stores. Making it cheaper than a baby carrier with the same features.

Like the Ergobaby Embrace and Baby Björn Mini which are around £79 to £95 but share almost the same benefits. It can be an easy option for those who are looking to save money.

Amazon has cheaper prices depending on the colours. From £39. See the main link.

Aura Wrap Cons.

It’s only suitable for up to 11.3kg. Although wraps are usually up to this age. It is also only for front-facing and most for face in than face out.

Wraps are a bit close and tighter than carriers, which means you won’t be able to perform some tasks because your baby is very close to you.

Depending on the length of the Aura wrap it might not fit all despite Ergobaby saying otherwise. Again, it’s important to measure and check.

Other than the Aura wrap is good to use. The price is good because compared to many wraps in the market it has a medium price. There are cheaper but also more expensive baby wraps.


On Ergobabys site the Aura wrap has a good score among many parents who have reviewed it. The majority reviewed it 5/5 which goes to say the wrap is good for many.

Wraps are not for all parents, but if you love to try them the Aura is simple and yet has many benefits. It also keeps the baby safe which some wraps won’t guarantee.

What will it be? Will you use the Ergobaby Aura Wrap with your newborn?

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